14 Early Prime Day Tech Deals to Make Your Space Sleeker and Smarter

Amazon Prime Day isn’t here just yet (it officially kicks off in the wee hours of the morning on June 21) but plenty of the best early tech deals have already landed. For the largely uninitiated—bless your souls—the Bezos-backed “mega-holiday” remains the ideal time to cross a whole lot of top-notch gadgetry off your wish lists—though in recent years, there’s been an increasingly impressive selection of menswear on sale, too.  

Unless you’re looking to stock up on endless reams of toilet paper or other household goods, the bargains in the tech space tend to be the best ones on offer. The most compelling deals throughout Amazon Prime Day 2021 are tough to predict, but they usually come on items like headphonesvacuums, and charging cables

As we start prepping for the coming retail bonanza—think that legendary training montage in Rocky, but with more spreadsheets—we happened to notice a bunch of really solid A/V and smart home gear is already on sale. If your Prime Day must-haves include a new TV or an Echo Dot, it’s your lucky day: Add the best early tech deals to your cart now and then sit back, log off, and enjoy the ensuing chaos in smug bliss.

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