2022's Most-Searched Skincare Brands Prove the Power of TikTok

By now, it’s no secret that TikTok trends fuel consumer behavior, from the brands we buy to the products we throw out. A new ranking of the most-searched skincare brands in 2022 proves that whatever TikTokers are doing, the rest of us are Googling.

Spate, a company that analyzes consumer trends, ranked the beauty brands that saw the greatest increase in monthly search volume on Google — and nearly all of them are TikTok favorites.

Coming in at number one is Supergoop!, the sunscreen brand beloved for its cast-free sunscreen. One of its best-selling products, Unseen Sunscreen, is a favorite among TikTok-famous dermatologists and beauty influencers.

In addition to its popularity among popular content creators, Unseen Sunscreen enjoyed a boost in mentions when Trader Joe’s began selling a “dupe” of the product earlier this fall.

Spate’s second and third most-searched brands — La Roche-Posay and Laneige, respectively — are also TikTok mainstays.

The hashtag #LaRochePosay boasts over 2 billion views, thanks to the brand’s wildly popular Cicaplast Balm B5 and Effaclar range, products that influencers and doctors alike have touted as godsends for acne and acne scars.

Laneige has enjoyed similar TikTok prestige. Earlier this year, Australian influencer Anna Paul posted a video of herself applying the brand’s hydrating lip mask instead of lip gloss, a “hack” that garnered her millions of “likes.”

Also included in Spate’s list are Drunk Elephant, whose Bronzing Drops spawned thousands of TikTok reviews, and EltaMD, whose tinted sunscreen enjoys a spot in Hailey Bieber’s daily routine (at least according to a TikTok she posted in February).

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