4 beautiful saunas in Europe to visit this fall and winter

Originally from Finland, the sauna is a small wooden hut where you can enjoy a dry heat bath, waiting to hit those perfect 100°C. And as it becomes more popular among travellers we took the opportunity to list 4 spots, in the middle of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Here you can indulge in the joys of the genre when the thermometer shows cold. 

The Stilleben sauna in Sweden

Visitors to the Stilleben Hotel in Sweden have the opportunity to enjoy this peaceful floating sauna. Surrounded by a forest and on the lake of the Åmot region, it was designed by the Small Architecture Workshop studio.

The sauna of the Bürgenstock Hotel in Switzerland

Perched above Lake Lucerne, Hotel Bürgenstock is one of the pillars of well-being in Switzerland. Completely renovated, it is particularly appealing to visitors, with its colossal spa that overlooks the mountains and the lake. Star of the place, the sauna with view is this comforting cocoon where you can eliminate toxins in the face of nature.

The sauna of the Seehof Hotel in Italy

On the edge of a small lake in South Tyrol, Seehof is this charming hotel with sixteen suites and a Bozen spa. At the centre of all attention, the light wooden sauna is planted facing the lake — perfect when not wanting to lose a crumb of sight.

Soria Moria Sauna in Norway

Located in the middle of Lake Bandak, Soria Moria is the ambitious project of the Dalen Hotel in Norway in association with the Telemark Canal Municipality. Designed by the studio Feste Landskap / Arkitektur, the sauna has been designed to blend completely into its surrounding nature with local wood and a shimmering golden facade that reflects in the waters of the lake.

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