7 Places Serving Delicious Khao Chae to Help You Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer has come again, and that means it’s Khao Chae season.

(Image: Hua Chang Heritage Hotel Bangkok)

Beat the heat and celebrate Songkran by heading to these seven restaurants serving this iconic summer dish. 

Siam Tea Room at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park 

(Image: Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park)

Siam Tea Room has never compromised its authentically Thai flavours, and their Khao Chae doesn’t disappoint. 

Aside from the refreshing jasmine rice in chilled jasmine-infused water, Siam Tea Room’s fried condiments are not to be missed. One gets to enjoy traditional fried Khao Chae condiments, including bite-sized fried catfish and shrimp paste balls, green pepper stuffed with shrimp and minced pork in a fluffy egg net and stuffed shallots with minced fish.

However, the real treats are Ratchaburi-style Khao Chae condiments and ancient relishes such as sweetened sun-dried ray fish, fried salted egg yolk, and a glorious rendition of fired butterfly pea flower with minced shrimp. The dine-in set is accompanied by an amuse-bouche of Som Chun granita and refreshing watermelon soda—a creative take on watermelon with dried fish. 

Siam Tea Room’s Khao Chae set is available daily between 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. from now until May 31, 2021. The dine-in set is priced at THB 590++ and THB 490++ for takeaway boxes. For more information and reservation, visit Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park or call 02-059-5999.

Flourish at Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok

khao chae flourish
(Image: Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok)

Enjoy this authentic Thai culinary experience in the summer heat of April. Flourish’s Khao Chae set is beautiful presented to reflect the dish’s royal heritage with delicious flavours to match. 

Indulge in traditional side dishes, including crispy pulled pork or beef, steamed banana chilli stuffed with minced pork, caramelised pickled turnips and more. The aromatic smoked rice in jasmine-infused water, which comes with ornately carved vegetables, provide a light and refreshing break that balances well with the flavourful fried condiments. 

Enjoy this regal Khao Chae set for THB 490++ per person. For more information and reservation, visit Sindhorn Kempinski or call 02-095-9999. 

Spice Market at Anantara Siam Bangkok

Celebrate Songkran with Khao Chae at Anantara Siam Bangkok’s Spice Market. Served with traditional relish and condiments, diners will be able to enjoy dishes such as deep-fried shrimp paste balls, sweet dried turnip, deep-fried shallots with shredded pork and the famous steamed green chilli stuffed with minced pork in an intricate egg net. 

Available until May 15, 2021, between 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (Wednesday – Saturday), Khao Chae at Spice Market is priced at THB 580++ per set for dine-ins and THB 780++ for takeaway sets. 

For more information and reservations, call 02-126-8866 or visit Anantara Siam Bangkok

Sala Rim Naam at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

khao chae mo
(Image: Mandarin Oriental Bangkok)

Sala Rim Naam’s Khao Chae is a flavourful experience featuring chilled rice in jasmine-scented water with classic condiments of fried sweet pepper, battered salted egg, stuffed shallot, fried shrimp paste and sweet fish enjoyed with pickled vegetables and fruits. 

Mandarin Oriental’s Khao Chae is available for THB 470 net per person between 12 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. – 10 p.m., Monday to Sunday (closed on Wednesdays). For more information and reservation, visit Mandarin Oriental Bangkok or call 0-2659-9000.

Miss Siam at Hua Chang Heritage Hotel Bangkok

(Image: Hua Chang Heritage Hotel Bangkok)

Miss Siam’s Khao Chae uses over ten different organic summer flowers to make the floral-infused water used for soaking the rice. They are then smoked with scented cooking candles and filtered until crystal clear. Enjoy Miss Siam’s signature aromatic rice with traditional fried Khao Chae condiments, carved vegetables and herbs for an authentic Khao Chae experience.   

Enjoy this all-you-can-eat Khao Chae buffet for THB 675++ per person during the weekends and THB 999++ for two on weekdays. Takeaway sets are priced at THB 450. Available daily between 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. 

For more information and reservation, call 02-217-0777, Line @MissSiam or visit Hua Chang Heritage Hotel Bangkok

Royal Osha

What makes Royal Osha’s Khao Chae stand out most is undeniably its floral-scented water. Made from soaking rice blossoms with jasmine and damask rose, Royal Osha made sure that their floral-scented water is at the perfect alkalinity of exactly pH 8.8 for optimum flavour and to keep the flowers fresh as a daisy. 

Taste Royal Osha’s ancient Khao Chae recipe for THB 880++ per person (lunch) or opt for the premium set for THB 3,000++ per set (lunch and dinner). The takeaway set, which must be ordered two days in advance, is priced at THB 2,250 per box.

For more information and reservation, visit Royal Osha or call 02-256-6555.


Nara’s Khao Chae set is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes and palate. Using an ancient type of jasmine rice from Nakhon Sawan—which gives off a subtle pandan scent when cooked—the rice is carefully polished until neat before being soaked in jasmine-infused water. 

khao chae nara
(Image: Nara)

With so much emphasis on the scent, Nara’s offering avoids using smoked candles to scent its jasmine-infused water so that diners may enjoy the true aroma of organic jasmine and taste the naturally sweet flavour of the rice. 

The condiments, too, will impress with an array of 12 delicious menus. Enjoy old-time favourites and rare ancient recipes such as stuffed catfish with deep-fried dried chilli from Bang Chang, radish sheets with pork and deep-fried fish skin with salted egg yolk, to name a few. 

Enjoy Khao Chae at every branch of Nara for THB 690++ per set. Available from now until May 31, 2021. For more information and reservation, visit Nara Thai Cuisine.

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