A sneak-peek at the exclusive desserts at K11 Art Mall’s Sugar Rush

There will be at least 50 different desserts to choose from.

Sugar-sweet Valentine’s Day talks are not all over. K11 Art Mall’s latest ‘Sugar Rush’ is a two week extravaganza that lures us back to moods of indulgence, one that just can’t resist another candy-coated something. The 18 days of ‘Sweet Rewards’, including two-for-one cakes and complimentary desserts, will reveal over 50 variations of desserts from various restaurants and patisseries scattered around the mall — now decorated in washes of candy pinks with life-sized cherries and melting popsicles sculptures much like the gumdrop hills and lollipop ‘Stop’ signs in Vanellope Von Schweetz’s arcade game of the same name. 

  • k11 sugar rush
  • k11 sugar rush
Images courtesy of K11 Art Mall

Procure a ‘Sweet Pass’ if good deals and exclusive offers are your thing. It will include a two-for-one offer for this pretty ‘Sugar Rush’ cake (HK$60) from Sweet Fashion House, the latest patisserie joining the K11 roster. The cake itself is implicit of the message intended; a love-heart inspired by the pointed tip of Cupid’s arrow, made for a besotted first-time love. Light and decadent, ‘Sugar Rush’ is a delicate composition of fresh berries and floral-infused chocolate mousse. A dusting of ombré pink shimmer rounds off the sweet sentiment.

‘Sugar Rush’ cake (HK$60) from Sweet Fashion House

Trust us when we say, there are a lot of desserts to choose from. A lot. Whatever your choice of sugar may be — soufflé pancakes, creamy gelatos, rich chocolate truffles — there is surely something to satisfy. But if you’re on the hunt for something different, say, exclusive treats? We’ve rounded them up below:

k11 sugar rush

Black Forest cake

Black Forest cake is often one overlooked. It’s easy to see why, the classic Bavarian sponge is not as as decadent as a chocolate gateau or as pretty as a strawberry-topped shortcake. It’s one that’s considered before something more alluring intercepts. This one, however, will be one you stop and order at first look. Pertaining to a current craving for layered crepe cake, this cherry-topped slice keeps the original sponge-stacked tiers but wedges in paper-thin, expertly layered crepes in between. Made with chocolate of single origin Brazilian Valrhona pods, this is one neglected slice no more. It will demand double, possible triple, takes, instead.

HK$68 at Shaz Confections

k11 sugar rush

Matcha Chesnut Anmitsu

In any dessert, there’s always one component that’s favoured: the crystallised sugar atop a crème brûlée; the crumbly graham-cookie base of a tart. The Japanese anmitsu is a treat composed of such ‘best bits’; a thoughtful assemblage of beloved Japanese confections. While there are many variations of anmitsus, this is one of the more traditional ones. There’s the matcha soft-serve in the centre with golden yellow chestnuts, a dollop of red bean paste, chewy shiratama dango that surrounds. At the bottom, propping it all up, matcha jelly cubes.

HK$78 at Kyoto Matcha An Green Tea Specialists

k11 sugar rush

Earl grey pound cake

The humble pound cake. So tried and true for every day; a slice for afternoon picnics or slow mornings with steaming cup of freshly brewed tea. This earl grey version, is one of the good kind — a guilt-free loaf for the health-conscious. It’s baked fresh daily with French butter, Japanese eggs and natural seaweed-derived trehalose sweetener. If not for health, then to admire; it’s so photogenic, especially the perfectly scored centre and dried orange slices carefully scattered on top with artistic intentions.

HK$68 at Pound & Roll

k11 sugar rush

Cheese thick toast with peanut butter

Your average cha chaan teng French toast doused in golden syrup this is not. Instead, this one is more indulgent, more decadent, all the more harder to resist. Just look at it. Admire the glisten and the golden glow of its perfectly crispy case. The egg-battered and deep-fried slice — a traditional step — is drenched in blankets of peanut butter (the crunchy kind, what else?) with a quick condensed milk drizzle, and topped with a mochi skewer — a renewed interpretation of a Cantonese classic we’re totally here for.

HK$68 at Floom Floom Café & Kitchen

k11 sugar rush

Raspberry sorbet with bamboo charcoal chocolate ice cream and meringue

Your first assumption of this sculptural looking plate is probably correct. This is no ordinary dessert. Not your average end-of-meal coda. This is something better. Something of surprise. Something to keep you guessing with anticipation in every forkful. Should visuals not be evident, this mesmerising dessert is split into three great episodes: Chocolate ice cream made with rich 85% French chocolate and infused with activated charcoal; zingy raspberry sorbet frozen in a cylindrical form; and a light sprinkling of airy meringue to finish. It’s served deconstructed and set-apart, but a spoonful of it all together? Delicious.

HK$88 at Atum Restaurant

k11 sugar rush

Japanese Strawberry frozen yoghurt

The mere thought of a well-tiered parfait — berry-topped, chocolate-drizzled and finished with even layers of smooth, creamy yoghurt — is a luxurious one. Especially in the summertime. Throw in juicy Japanese strawberries, chunks of fudgy brownie and mango-passionfruit marshmallows? It’s a treat of pure indulgence. Exactly what this freshly churned frozen yoghurt is about. A grown-up version of a nostalgic dessert (self-serve, pick-and-mix days, right?) it’s a treat for tastebuds and possibly a salivating delight followers on the ‘gram.

HK$62 at Smile Yoghurt & Dessert

k11 sugar rush

Jrinkxpress fruitea

What a wonderfully complicated name for such a simple concept of iced fruit tea. It’s done with intention. This is one iced tea that refuses to be clumped together with the other iced teas. No. It’s special. Different. Mysterious. With enough intrigue to make you wonder, what does a sip of fruitea taste like? Not fruit tea, mind you, fruitea. Anyway, this is a red tea beverage that’s very lovely and refreshing should you need a hydration break midday. Freshly cut, farm-to-table fruit — strawberries, oranges, apples — are dunked in with edible florals and mint leaves for a lightly infused sweetness. Fruit punch but make it healthy.

HK$42 at Tea Express Bar by Jrink

Sugar Rush at K11 Art Mall will run from 22 February to 11 March at the 1/F & 2/F corridor.

K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 3118 8070

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