ABTA Members’ customers travel with confidence in latest campaign

ABTA has launched the second phase of its annual flagship Travel with confidence campaign with a customer-focused video to be promoted through social media advertising. The campaign launches on Boxing Day to coincide with the start of the peak holiday booking season and to promote and support members during the busy period.

The two-minute video shares testimonials from loyal customers talking about what holidays mean for them, and the various reasons why they book with an ABTA Member.  The video reinforces the reassurance and peace of mind that comes with booking through a trustworthy and reputable company.

Customers featured include Naomi, a Virgin Atlantic Holidays customer, who says: “Holidays are very important as they provide that much needed time away from work, the chance to explore new cultures, and to spend quality time with loved ones. “Total confidence in an ABTA registered Member is 100% peace of mind which makes for a perfect holiday.”

The feel-good video drives home the importance people place on their holidays, with customers listing the time away from work, the chance to explore new cultures, the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, and being good for mental health as the main benefits of going away.  The initial phase of the campaign launched in early December with radio advertising on Heart Digital and reiterated the importance customers place on their holidays.

The video will be cut to different lengths for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit and will run throughout January.  The campaign will conclude at the end of January with a consumer competition. Graeme Buck, ABTA director of communications said: “This next phase of our Travel with confidence campaign is designed, just like the radio ads we are still airing, to help drive business for our Members through the peak booking period.

“It was great to see so many ABTA Members’ customers submitting content for the video and sharing the true excitement of booking a holiday. These real views from real people make this year’s Travel with confidence campaign heart-warming, relatable and effective.”

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