Anantara Siam Invites All Diners For a Prestigious Private Dining Experience

Extricating yourselves from incessant, day-to-day duties with Anantara Siams sophisticated private dining package with an optional one-night stay a much-needed intermission for the souls and minds.

The Bangkok’s most luxurious choice of wine & dine, cordially entails guests to its suite life supplementing with various award-winning dishes freshly served from Anantara’s four reputed restaurants. Ranging from a Michelin-starred winning menu from Biscotti to Thailand’s long-established plates with the lustre of modern twists from The Spice Market.

All guests – couples, businesspersons, friends and families – are free to let themselves immerse in indulgence to the fullest for diversified events namely, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and any celebratory occasions planned in 2021 with a capacity of up to fifteen individuals.

The commodious, peak-furnished design delicately integrated with imposing sensations brings nothing except the luscious taste of satisfaction – a flavour beyond imitation, indeed.

Anantara Siam, private dining, suite life
Anantara Siam – Two Bedroom Explorer Suite by Jim Thompson
Anantara Siam – One Bedroom Corner Suite Dining

Whilst the spaciousness of the hotel’s luxurious suite is contemplated as a significant highlight, its remarkable select dishes are, certainly, not to be forgotten. Whether you are a sushi lover or ceaselessly parched for that impeccably juicy, medium-rare steak, there is, certainly, everything for everyone. From Biscotti to Madison, and Shintaro to The Spice Market – a resolute promise to serve your every need.

Anantara Siam, private dining, suite life
Biscotti – Ossobuco Ravioli Black Truffle

This ravioli ossobuco with black truffle sauce topped with slices of shaved Alba white truffle from Biscotti’s Michelin-guaranteed menu is nothing, but a mere piece of art – it’s almost like love at first taste. If Italian dishes aren’t entirely up to your alley, a swift change to Thai traditional plates with an Asian twist offered by The Spice Market like this unremitting, braised beef with fragranced green curry is perhaps what you’ve been secretly dreaming of.

Anantara Siam, dining service, suite life
Spice Market – Gaeng Kiew Warn Nua Toon Gab Roti

If that’s still not what your heart desires, Australian lamp chops, caviar, oysters from Madison, as well as Japanese cuisine with authentic flavours from Shintaro, might be the only answers to your longing. The personal exclusivity of the private dining, of course, won’t make its ending until breakfast is served with a tremendous view of the city right through your bedroom window. The one-night stay is available as an option with free breakfast in bed for two people to assure minimum contact as part of Anantara’s deliberate approach to utter health and wellbeing, especially during the recent, stirred-up incident of the pandemic.

A package for private dining starts from THB 2500++ per person, with wine service available upon your request and will be charged separately to dining.

To make a reservation or find out more, call 0 2126 8866 or email: 

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