Annecy, a weekend getaway from Milan

Annecy     Annecy lake

Annecy is a charming small town that gives the impression of being in a medieval village you can wander freely; it is like taking a walk back to the medieval period with all its fine churches, medieval buildings, monasteries, and last but not least, the famous castle of the counts of Geneva which overlooks the town.

Annecy     Annecy

One of the greatest things is when you are finished exploring the sights, you can enjoy the fine restaurants and the cheerful locals of Annecy!

I made a reservation at the famous “L’Etage” ( which serves traditional French cuisine as well as specialty cuisine from Savoie!

I couldn’t wait to taste the “tartiflette”, a modern recipe inspired by a truly traditional dish called “péla”: a gratin of potatoes and onions – without cheese – in a long handled pan. The modern recipe has been invented and launched only in the 1980s by the Reblochon trade union in an attempt to increase the sales of this cheese.

Annecy tartiflette

Let’s try to cook together the savoyard tartiflette! Click here for the original recipe!

Annecy also offers a number of markets where you can eat fresh food and shop for clothes, accessories and many other items within the market.

I did some wandering on the old town Sunday Market, and in the opinion of some people it is the best French market!

The stalls were packed tight through the narrow streets of the old town, pleasing to the  eye and a temptation for palates: tons of French cheese (le Reblochon!), charcuterie, traditional desserts, fresh fruits and veg… the earthly paradise!

Annecy sunday market

I loved my trip to charming Annecy! What about you, have you ever been there? Let’s share experiences!

If you have never been to Annecy but you are planning to go, I would be more than happy to share more details!

à bientôt!


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