Check Out What Bangkok’s Fitness Gurus Have Been Ordering Online

With Bangkok’s new restrictions being tightened on dine-in restaurants starting since last week, one can constantly find themselves scrolling down through old-but-full-of-memory gastronomic albums while feeling a little gloomy inside. But, there are certainly ways to bring light to our dim thoughts like taking some food inspirations from these fitness gurus who as well motivate us daily with their easy workout how-to guides.

Ann Manas

Known as a talented woman behind the successful online training courses under Annex Active – including an A-list trainee like Morakot “Aimee” Sangtaweep being on board – Ann has been powering up her energy with this Omakase Box Premium from Hangetsu Omakase. For Ann, this box of dreams is packed with flavourful freshness – as if you are being served straight from the chef’s cooking station.

Order from Hangetsu Omakase here.

Nol Allapach

Nol “Mickey” Allapach, one of Bangkok’s renowned sports performance coaches and fitness & nutrition educators, is often spotted posting inspirational content relating to home workouts. Although, on social media, fans usually see Mickey demonstrating correct ways of fitness know-how like doing planks or sit-ups, and not much on what-food-to-order kind of posts. But, when he does, it is definitely something not to be omitted. Check out Sushi Ichizu’s delivery menus and wallow yourself with the authentic taste of Japan with your loved ones – served right at your doorstep.

Order from Sushi Ichizu here.

Didi Nanta

A sought-after, certified pilate instructor, Didi Nanta, has normally been seen having her luscious-looking meals tagged with #tastebydidi. As tasty as it sounds, check out Didi’s self-created food gallery hub and get salivated with some of the most discerning plates like these 8-hour, smoked beef rips with organic mulberry wood from Kaan Organic Farm certified by USDA Organic.

Order from Kaan Organic Farm here.

Jirada Yohara

Whether it is about fitness, home cooking, travel, fashion, friends or gastronomy, the founder of the ‘No Need to Make Sense‘ blog – known as Loukkade – is a woman who is got a lifestyle that says a little bit of everything. While we are often wowed by Loukkade’s photogenic food images of her home-cooked meals posted on her official Instagram account, we sometimes couldn’t stop peeking through some of the ingredients she puts in to a bowl like these mellow persimmons by Fresh Fruit by Gift of which are imported right from the country of New Zealand.

Order from Fresh Fruit by Gift here.

Polli Ploy

The gorgeous owner of Polli Kitchen and Polli’s Cafe, Ploy, she’s all about living intentionally for the happy and healthy life. If you are feeling kind of uninspired about what to cook today, check out Ploy’s personal food blog at Polli Kitchen where she regularly shares her own plant-based recipes with a sprinkle of positive energy to motivate everyone for a stronger body and mind. But, when she doesn’t cook, you will most likely find her munching away at Polli’s Cafe which serves delicious coffee, as well as health-based selections that are guaranteed to not let anyone down – taste-wise and photo-wise.

Order from Polli’s Cafe here.

(Main and featured image: Loukkade/Instagram)

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