Children of the discordance Makes Progress By Moving Backwards

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Brand: Children of the discordance

Season: Spring/Summer 2022

Key Pieces: Bandana print is now Children of the discordance’s signature pattern and it’s back in force for the new season. Contemporary twists on tie-dye (it’s got some punch, used sparingly) and vintage T-shirts transformed by patchwork further amplify the collection’s punchiness, but the lavish fabrication and accessible cuts ground the high-flying visuals.

Editor’s Notes: Don’t expect anything other than blinding blends of pattern from Children of the discordance’s seasonal collections. Designer Hideaki Shikama again delivers an expansive palette atop street-leaning silhouettes for SS22. Throughout, band tees are blitzed into densely patchworked shirts, and vintage bandanas — a Shikama signature — are reshaped into oversized jackets and parkas with exposed, raw lining.

But Children of the discordance isn’t a one-trick pony, demonstrating over-the-top textile play for the sake of shock and awe. The vivid hues enliven the contrasting textiles, breathing life into otherwise understated looks. Consider the boxy overshirts given life by panels of upcycled weave or the trim sweaters made new through unexpected material hybrids. It all mirrors the ethos of returning collaborator RECOUTURE, who again contributes piecemeal sneakers and boots to both anchor the relaxed looks and reiterate the OG streetwear mood.

“The last collection was named ‘DAWN,’ and this new collection is named ‘PROGRESS,’ said Shikama. “After studying [the] clothing of Native Americans and Japanese textiles and culture, I believe I found a new mix of both of those cultures together. For example, [pairing] Japanese deadstock silk Kimono fabric [with] Native American textile is a nice mix.”

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