Dover Street Market’s Hip New Space Promises Community and a Kickass Café

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The intentionally odd layout of each Dover Street Market store is intended to upset conventional shopping experiences, creating adventurous presentations quirky, shifting displays. Dover Street Market Paris’ enigmatically named 3537 outpost is taking things a step further. Less of a clothing store than a hip hangout, 3537 is intended to engender communal gatherings, so inviting interiors are definitely part of the package. Thanks to Crosby Studios, 3537 is making the most of its newly-renovated space.

So named for its location at 35-37 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, work on 3537 began back in 2016 when it was selected by the Réinventer Paris revitalization project to partially occupy the historic Hôtel de Coulanges. There, Crosby Studios has taken over 3537’s foyer and terrace with its sleek Crosby Café. Guests can snack, chat, or work in style atop one of the foldable dining sets that dot the industrial interior or terrace or instead recline in the checkerboard-patterned lounge, all finished with fixtures rendered in bold green or Crosby’s signature blue.

As usual, DSM’s Rose Bakery provides treats while Ten Belles supplies the coffee. Patrons looking to take home something more substantial than a to-go cup or grounds can purchase any of the original furniture that Crosby designed for the café to really spice up their own homes or offices.

“The first time I entered Dover Street Market years ago, I experienced a new way of shopping,” Harry Nuriev, Crosby Studios Founder and Principal Designer, said in a statement. “I always knew I wanted to collaborate with Dover Street Market on something special. Crosby Café stems from 3537’s mission… for community exchange — a vision I share in the mixed-use concept spaces I create. Crosby Café is a place to enter an alternate reality within a traditional Parisian mansion where you can get inspired, enjoy a coffee, or hang out.”

Visit 3537’s website for more information or pop by when in town — its doors opened this past weekend.

35-37 Rue des Francs Bourgeois
75004 Paris, France

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