Editor picks: April beauty and skincare favourites

Each month we’re hand-picking and sharing with you a couple of our favourite products that we have tried, tested and fallen in love with. Ready for a little retail therapy?

Botanic Pretti5’s Hydro-Rescue Repairing Night Mask

I’ve always wanted to be a mask person. There’s something so indulgent — so luxurious, even — about a face slathered in otherworldly shades of green and blue and white, topped off with icy cucumber slices over the eyes and a neatly wrapped towel at the crown. But then comes the waiting. And waiting. More waiting and drying and tightening and flaking. And then, finally, the washing. The scrubbing and tugging at the crevices of the face and getting crumbs of mask residue on linens. So much effort!

Botanic Pretti5’s Hydro-Rescue Repairing Night Mask (HK$820) is a night mask for non-maskers, wannabe-maskers and lazy tribes alike. It’s something you slather on and forget about — no washing off necessary. Come morning: Dewy, glowy, super hydrated skin. Dream come true. Another lazy gal perk: The mask is neither dense nor heavy, so no elbow grease is needed at application. I’m a big fan of the little golden-yellow dots of cellulose fibre infused through the mask; it feels like a gentle exfoliating component that disappears almost on contact. As with all things Botanic Pretti5, the Hydro-Rescue Repairing Night Mask is vegan and cruelty-free. — Joey Wong, Editor

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

A brand new launch from Omorovicza, the Queen of Hungary Mist (HK$750) is the pick-me-up product I’ve been waiting for. A quick spritz of this neroli and rose–scented facial mist is exactly what I need when reaching that mid-day slump or whenever my skin is need of a quick burst of hydration. Both purifying and moisturising, there’s a reason the formula is award-winning; perfect for keeping at your desk or in your bag on the go, if you’re on the hunt for a energising mist, you’ve found it. Lexi Davey, Managing Editor

VREE Beauty RECIEVE Intensive Soothing & Healing Hand Balm

VREE Hand Balm

I always love coming across new brands, especially when its products end up becoming a staple in my beauty bag. Available to buy at K11 Art Mall’s new sustainable addition, HAUSTAGE, homegrown beauty brand, VREE, harnesses the healing power of nature to pamper skin, body and mind. Lightweight, non-greasy and delicately scented, the RECIEVE Intensive Soothing & Healing Hand Balm (HK$278) has quickly become the last step in my skincare routine before sinking into bed. Lexi Davey, Managing Editor

BYREDO 5 Colours Eyeshadow Palette

BYRDEO’s cult-favourite fragrances have always been, well, a firm favourite, but its new makeup range is a realm of beauty from the brand that I haven’t dabbled in, until now. The sleek packaging was one allure, but its buttery eyeshadows (HK$620) are the real front winner here. A palette of five neutral shimmery and matte shades, the shadows themselves are made with a lightweight and long-lasting formula that blends with ease, perfect for that weekend smokey eye. Lexi Davey, Managing Editor

Aesop B & Tea Balancing Toner

march beauty faves

You’re probably familiar with skincare’s standard three-step ritual: ‘Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise’. And, like me, you’re probably culprit of skipping out the second part on the regular. Blame it on the increasingly complicated routine of serums before oils, sunscreen after retinol; and especially the harsh alcohol-based iterations that aggressively strip the skin and leave behind nasty reactions.

That is, until Aesop’s B & Tea Balancing Toner (HK$255); an iteration that will faithfully do its job in  balancing the skin. Reset and remove the last lingering traces of grime after ‘Cleanse’ and refine pores and rough patches to fortify the skin for ‘Moisturise’. So for any sentiment of toner not being an essential — think again. This gentle formula (alcohol-free!) will suit even the most sensitive of skin with an antioxidant-rich mixture of green tea and provitamin B5. Sweep it over your skin both night and day and reunite the trio — I beg you of it. — Lorria Sahmet, Style Editor

MAISON MARGIELA REPLICA Beach Walk Eau de Toilette

Missing the beach as much as I am? Trust me when I say that Maison Margiela Replica’s Eau de Toilette in ‘Beach Walk’ (HK$1,150) will whisk you away to the tropics of Thailand. lightly scented with notes of bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, ylang-ylang, coconut milk, musk and heliotrope, the fragrance embodies everything I love about holidays: long walks on the beach, lapping ocean waves, the smell of suntan lotion and feet in the sand. While we’re eagerly waiting to travel again, this scent is sure to tie you over. Lexi Davey, Managing Editor

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