Enter RONG Sabiang: The Perfect Urban Escape for City-Dwelling Gourmands

Nestled within Sansiri’s buzzing T77 Community, RONG Sabiang offers a lush haven of delicious farm-to-table bites for urbanites looking to escape and unwind. Check out our full review.

A lot of buzz as of late has centered around Sansiri’s T77 Community, a mega development project with exciting residential options, lifestyle outlets and more. It is within this vibrant lifestyle hub — with its breezy, tree-lined alleys and upscale condominiums — that Sansiri decided to launch its latest all-day-dining concept, RONG Sabiang.

Tucked beside the lush greenery of Sansiri Backyard, RONG Sabiang is the most recent brainchild from the team behind Rongros — including Sansiri’s Chief Creative Officer Ou Baholyodhin, and restaurateur Ball Nuttawat. With brightly-lit interiors and a hearty menu of organic, farm-to-table dishes, it’s the perfect spot for those looking for a breath of fresh air from the city. We stopped by for a quick visit, to try out the much-hyped menu of Thai and Western plates. Here’s our full review of the experience. 

The Vibe

Hitting that sweet spot between picturesque glasshouse and secret garden, interiors at RONG Sabiang are bright and airy, with a penchant for chic yet welcoming corners. Sunlight floods the space through large, arched windows, while plush sofas — decorated, of course, with brightly patterned cushions — and vibrant splashes of green bring the place to life. Whether you opt for an intimate table by the bookshelf, or prefer dining al fresco, there’s something here for everyone — from Sunday brunch regulars, to warm reunions and family gatherings alike.

The Food

The menu here offers a delectable selection of Thai and Western fare, all of which puts the spotlight on ingredients sourced right from the garden outside. Fresh, organic, and perfect for the health-conscious diner, dishes also bring a touch of nostalgia for lovers of classic comfort recipes. Begin with a serving of refreshing watermelon cubes, sprinkled with grounded friend snakehead fish — a unique, sweet and savoury pick-me-up to kickstart your meal. Next up, we highly recommend the RONG Sabiang traditional herbal rice salad bowl, though a strong case could also be made for the sauteed cabbage with baby anchovies. Be sure, of course, to not miss out on the Western selection, which ranges from avocado toast to heartier servings of pork chop, spaghetti bolognese and more.

The Farm

While the food is definitely a highlight, what truly characterises RONG Sabiang is its emphasis on its farm-to-table philosophy, and how guests are invited to engage with the farm itself. A part of a bigger initiative — better known as the ‘Sansiri Sustainability 2020’ project, this overall experience is made possible through a strong partnership between Sansiri, Chul Farm, Pongyo, and the Sansiri Backyard, creating a green haven for visitors to come and explore. 

With large rice paddies, thriving greenery, and even adorable baby ducks waddling to-and-fro, it’s difficult to believe this farm is set in the midst of Bangkok city. Try your hand at harvesting cabbages, or choose your own free-range eggs — you can even have a go at mulberry picking. It’s a wholly unique experience, and the perfect mini-getaway for urbanites looking for a quick city respite. 

To find out more about RONG Sabiang, visit the Official Facebook Page

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