ERL SUNSCREEN Eau de Toilette Launches Tomorrow

ERL’s SUNSCREEN Eau de Toilette is launching tomorrow at Dover Street Market.

It’s an exciting development in the fragrance space. Over the past few years, director and producer, Eli Russell Linnetz, has been merging fashion, art, and surfing with his namesake brand ERL. “Everything I do, I see it as the final image,” Linnetz tells Highsnobiety. “The clothing happens along the way to creating that story.”

His latest offering, ERL SUNSCREEN Eau de Toilette perfectly evokes the fleeting memory of a summer day, feeling the warm West Coast sun against salty skin and cool splashes of ocean water suspended in the air. The scent of Venice Beach, California.

The fragrance launches Monday, July 19, with a special installation at Dover Street Market Los Angeles and the DSMNY E-shop.

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