Fingercroxx Brings Us That ‘90s NBA Nostalgia We All Need This Summer

Multi-brand fashion house I.T have brought many successful labels to the fore, like A Bathing Ape, AAPE, and CAMPER, as well as developing its own in-house eclectic labels. One of these is fingercroxx, a Hong-Kong based streetwear brand whose philosophy rides on boundary breaking designs that combine functional utility with a streak of urban graphic flair.

For its first ever exclusive collaboration, fingercroxx have partnered with none other than the NBA – notably the most renowned basketball league in the world. In celebration of the transcending sport and its vibrant culture, the collaboration introduces a stylish and contemporary take on the classic basketball jersey design of six of the US’s most venerated teams. The 14 piece collection consists of seven team T-shirts, six matching snapback caps, and a pair of French Terry shorts.

The garments are centred around a selection of the most famous East and West regional league teams in the US, chosen through three legendary era-defining games – the Dallas Lone Rangers vs. Phoenix Suns in the ’80s, Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls in the ’90s, and the Boston Celtics vs. the Toronto Raptors in the ’00s.

Each silhouette pays homage to the distinct typeface, color, and style of each squad, with their bold logos neighboring fingercroxx’s mascot, Bigfoot. And if you really can’t choose which specific team to go for, then fingercroxx have you covered. One of the most significant graphics of the collection represents the accumulation of all six teams, featuring an eye-catching design that combines the logo of all squads into fingercroxx’s influential Bigfoot imprint. The brands long-standing passion and respect for the sport is palpable, and what better way to show your love of the game.

The exclusive collaboration will be available on May 7 at select fingercroxx, double-park stores and online here.

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