Green Dial Nautilus 5711 Madness

Green Dial Nautilus 5711 top shot

As Patek Philippe’s green dial Nautilus rolls off the assembly line, the insanity surrounding the last of the Swiss watchmaker’s classic 5711 Nautili rolls on. As you can see from the listing above, an example has hit the secondary market for something of a premium (retail $34,893) . That said, does the Arabian dealer actually have one? And the asking price is a bit optimistic. Or is it . . .

Antiquorum listing

We’ll know soon enough. Geneva’s Antiquorum is about to provide some real time price discovery on the Nautilus 5711 to end all Nautili 5711 (literally). “The World’s Premier Auctioneers of Modern and Vintage Timepieces” will be hammering a green dial Nautilus 5711 during their July 21st horological feeding frenzy.

Antiquorum’s web page lists $180k as the high end estimate. That’s deep in No Effing Way territory. The “professional dealer” selling the watch on for $361k may be engaging in a some wishful thinking – even as his colleagues wait in the wings before naming their price. But $180k for the Antiquorum watch will come and go in the blink of an eye. And that’s because . . .

Green Dial Nautilus 5711 wrapped

The Antiquorum Patek Philippe green dial Nautilus 5711 is factory sealed! A few years ago, the Stern family decreed that their authorized dealers aren’t allowed to let a watch leave the AD’s store in a sealed condition. Ever. Under any circumstances. On pain of [business] death. And yet there it is.

Unlike the listings, Antiquorum provides a real picture of a real watch shrink wrapped and ready to go. As perfect as the day it rolled out of the factory. Excuse me, the manufacture. If the serial number ever becomes generally known, we can imagine a very difficult conversation between Patek and the dealer.

Green dial Nautilus 5711 closeup

Ahahaha, I crack myself up. This thing will never be worn. It will stay in its bag forever, passed from one rich idiot to another. “Guess what I just got” one will say to the next, “a sealed green Nautilus. It’s sitting in my safe right now.” To which the other will nervously slide his cuff over his Royal Oak and change the subject.

Which is what Thierry Stern should have done (change the subject) when an interviewer asked him about the personal implications of the green dial Nautilus bunfight. “Even my son can’t get one,” Patek’s CEO averred. Which is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard from a watchmaker in my life – unless Stern family dynamics are seriously dysfunctional.

We are all The Collector, and we deserve what we get. Instead of the green dial Nautilus monstrosity, can I interest you in some other timepieces available at the auction that are actually worth the money? This is an absolutely beautiful early Calatrava with an estimate of $18k to $30k.

Here’s an Art Deco gold square piece from the Roaring 20s; estimated under $10k. Please someone buy this exquisite timepiece and give it a good home.

My favorite: a gold Calatrava from the 1930s. You can almost imagine the man who would buy something like this. That person is basically extinct today; it’s a reminder that at the same time the Nautilus was going on sale, beautiful dress watches were the norm.

A better choice than a Green Dial Nautilus 5711

And finally, for around the same estimate as what is basically a Nautilus color way, a properly complex, rare contemporary Patek.

Any of these rare and wonderful Patek Phillipe watches are wildly better choices than spending a quarter mil or so on a basic-B steel green dial Nautilus. Fight me.

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