HAVEN’s New Range Blends Life-Saving Survival Tech With Comfort & Breathability

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Season: Summer 2021

Key Pieces: The Brigade pant is a classic BDU Cargo with an upgraded fit, materials, and hardware. The shape has been slightly modified for a more contemporary, relaxed fit, while the materials have been improved using midweight Stotz® EtaProofTM 200 — optimized for all-season comfort, weather resistance, and breathability.

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Editor’s Notes: The story of EtaProof begins in late 1930s England, where a team of scientists engineered an improved fabric for fire hoses by weaving extra-long staple fiber cotton into an extremely dense plain weave cloth. With the onset of World War II in 1939, the bulk of Britain’s industrial might was turned towards the war effort and Ministry of Defence engineers discovered that this new cotton fabric could serve a valuable, life-saving purpose for British fighter pilots.

By the 1990s, the original weaving factories were no longer able to produce the fabric to the stringent specifications required by both the Ministry of Defence and consumers and so they look to a Stotz®.  Founded in 1939 in Switzerland, Stotz had a long tradition of innovation, quality, and state-of-the-art knowledge and was already a trusted name in densely woven fabrics.

Today, the wartime, survival material is hard at work in HAVEN’s new Stotz Eta collection, comprising a station jacket, fatigue jacket, brigade pants, work pants, ballistic vest, brigade shorts, and field hats.

The Station Jacket is a modernized rendition of the iconic trucker jacket unified with technical performance attributes, while the Fatigue Jacket modernizes the utilitarian-military BDU, with a more contemporary fit and technical upgrades.

The work pants are another highlight, featuring a flat front and relaxed fit, they’ve updated the details with storm welt pockets at the rear to secure belongings and a single welt pocket at the right side for your mobile phone.

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