Head-to-Head Virtual Racing Drives Up the Value of This Beverly Hills Home

To say that just about everyone in the world has spent some extra time at home over the past year is hardly an understatement. In fact, getting out of the house has presented its challenges, though one of the few opportunities to break free from four walls is going out for a drive. Better still if it’s in a great car, and better still if it’s on a track. All of which is easier said than done, with weather and distance—not to mention time—often conspiring against us.

For a while now, die-hard racers and motorsports enthusiasts have sung the praises of driving simulators, not just as ways to blow off steam but, importantly, to hone track skills and refine technique. One company in the pole position is CXC Simulations, whose Motion Pro II simulators are really state-of-the-art tools for drivers—even would-be drivers—at all levels and of all ages.

A look inside a Beverly Hills residence with three race simulators from CXC Simulations installed next to the owner's car collection.

CXC Simulations provided this game room with a winning trifecta for virtual racing.

Photo by Alex Bellus, courtesy of CXC Simulations.

While most clients are content with a single simulator, one customer of CXC Simulations recently commissioned the installation of three machines in a 16,450 square-foot Beverly Hills home. The trio are located in an expansive room adjacent to the garage, which is visible through a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows separating the two spaces.

The homeowner explained, “I wanted this space in the house to showcase these great cars—almost an extension of the garage. Cars are best enjoyed behind the wheel, but I can’t just let anyone drive them, so racing simulators are the best way to let my friends and family experience what it’s like to drive a Ferrari. I looked into all of the available simulators, but went with CXC Simulations. Their superior build quality and the company’s on-demand tech support gives me a lot of peace of mind. And aesthetically, they look really cool and perfectly match the modern look of this house.”

The Motion Pro II race simulator from CXC Simulations.

The Motion Pro II system presents cutting-edge motorsport and flight simulation.

Photo by Alex Bellus, courtesy of CXC Simulations.

Each of the three Motion Pro II simulators is optioned with virtual-reality capabilities, a gated shifter, and CXC’s Combat Flight Pack, which enables the use of flight-simulation software.

Chris Considine, CEO of CXC Simulations, provided some insight into customer trends. “We have seen a shift with our clients to not purchase a single simulator for personal use, but a number of simulators as a part of a “man cave” or party room. These customers would rather race with their family members or friends than take turns. Our SYNCHRO system was designed to control a cluster of simulators in a commercial setting, but these same customers are opting for it to operate two or more simulators at a time, letting them quickly select different cars and tracks.”

A look inside a Beverly Hills residence with three race simulators from CXC Simulations installed next to the owner's car collection.

The residence’s game room features a floor-to-ceiling view of the owner’s car collection.

Photo by Alex Bellus, courtesy of CXC Simulations.

Detailing the technology and installation process, Considine continued: “The client opted for three single-screen simulators with virtual-reality integration. The single screens minimize the footprint of the simulators, allowing for clear sightlines through the room and into the garage. But with virtual reality, he still gets a fully immersive driving experience.”

Considine adds that since the installation took place during the pandemic, all work was done when the home was not occupied, and subsequent assistance and maintenance has taken place remotely. He notes, “Luckily, our team has been able to adapt to continue to provide service to our clients in a safe way.”

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