Here are the best gelato spots in Singapore to beat the heat

Gelato is the superior heat-wave beating dessert. There, we’ve said it.

Now, for the uninitiated, gelato isn’t a synonym for ice-cream. While they both share the same main ingredients (dairy, sugar, and air), the proportions used to make these two desserts result in a completely different taste and texture.

We won’t bore you with the specifics of cream, air or milk ratio, but we’ll just leave you with some facts: gelato is much silkier and denser in texture, and packs a lot more flavour than your average scoop of ice cream.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best gelato spots in town to grab a pint at.

(Hero and featured image credit: Maria Orlova from Pexels)


Gelato Labo

Gelato Labo churns out small-batch flavours of the sweet treat with fresh fruits, and is dedicated to sourcing local and organic ingredients where possible to create the best gelato possible. Don’t expect your regular hazelnut and vanilla flavours here either: dig into a scoop or two of unique flavours like the vegan Yamanashi Peach & Lemongrass and the creamy Sakura Smoke, Artichoke & Pear Compote. If you’re a waffle fanatic, the joint also has their version of Tokyo Mochi Waffles that meld the perfect ratio of crispy exterior to chewy filling, best served with your gelato.

(Image credit: @gelatolabo via Instagram)


18 Mohamed Sultan Road 01-01 Singapore 238967


Dopa Dopa

Dopa Dopa has been making waves in Singapore’s gelato scene for it’s authentic, hand-made sticky scoops of gelato. Here, you’ll find only eight flavours at any point of time: the shop is committed to making them fresh to keep the quality top-notch. We recommend paring the dense, chewy gelatos with the diner’s buttery croissants, best washed down with a hot cuppa joe on the side.

(Image credit: via Instagram)


29 South Bridge Rd, #01-01, Singapore 058665


Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique

Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique, better known as BOP to fans, has been one of the most hyped-up gelato joints in town, and rightfully so. From the establishment’s freshly made thyme cones to botanical flavours like Spiced Pear, you’re guaranteed to feel like you’ve stepped into a garden with every bite. If you’re more of a traditionalist, the rich Midnight Gianduja is a beautiful chocolate alternative that’s to satisfy.

(Image credit: @bopgelato via Instagram)


63 E Coast Rd, #01-05, Singapore 428776


Denzy Gelato

It’s easy to pass by Denzy Gelato and not step inside. It is, after all, nestled in a quiet corner between Junction 8 and Bishan Mall. Inside, however, lies some of the best gelatos in town. Don’t take it from us, the inconspicuous, neighbourhood gelateria won the title of “Singapore’s Best Gelato” in 2019. If you’re not sure what to savour from the range of flavours, the crowd favourite Roasted Bronte Pistachio and the Whisky & Salted Pecan Brittle is always a good choice.

(Image credit: @denzygelato via Instagram)


506 Bishan Street 11 #01-404 Singapore 570506



Fresh gelato is always good, but we’re not always ready to venture into the scorching sun just to cool down with chilly sweet treats. If you’re just like us, then we’d reckon you’d like some pints from Momolato. The homegrown gelato supplier behind many F&B establishments and hotels in Singapore, you’ll find a whole slew of gelato choices that range from the local favourites Maoshanwang Durian to others like Wild Honey Chamomile. Can’t get enough? Momolato has gelato cakes available for order too. There is a delivery fee is S$8, and is otherwise waived for delivery orders above S$65.

(Image credit: Momolato)

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