How positive leadership psychology is driving business success


COVID has taken a significant impact on hospitality people at all levels, and continues to challenge us in many ways, from the direct health complications to work and business pressures.

As the world and the industry starts to recover, we now thinking about things differently, particularly in our life priorities. Catherine and I discuss the changing corporate culture and how positive leadership embracing change can lead to business success through people.

We explore:

  • How leveraging awareness enables us to rid the business of the parts that aren’t working and retain the things that are
  • How corporate culture is changing
  • What hoteliers should be focussed on in supporting a positive corporate culture in the future
  • Beyond the environment how we can leverage the wisdom we have to create a world we want to live in that’s not just economically driven
  • How changing guest expectations impacts the development of properties
  • How hoteliers can achieve the shift required and remain on brand
  • How brand psychology is moving from product to service

Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell


Bell Training Group

Bell Training Group

About Bell Training Group

We work with companies and individuals to build on strengths and improve business outcomes. Specialising in creating high-performing workplace cultures using Lean Six Sigma methodology, robust Leadership Development Programs and the best of Professional Coaching. We’re passionate about creating Positive Change That Sticks!

“One key to successful leadership is continuous personal change. Personal change is a reflection of our inner growth and empowerment.” — Robert E. Quinn

We offer a range of business services: – Business Process Improvement Consulting, Lean Six Sigma Training & Coaching through Continuous Improvement Australia; – Leadership Development Programs for individuals as E-Learning, and Teams as Interactive Workshops, as well as Executive Coaching and Stress Resilience Coaching through Inspiration Leaders; – Workplace Coaching Training, Workshops and 1:1 Sessions through Workplace Coaching Australia. Helping you build a Coaching mindset and practice in your business for increased results.

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