In a DIY Leaf Dress, Julia Fox Proves: “Anything Can Be Clothes”

No one has had a year like Julia Fox, the actress, adult crafter, eye makeup guru, and improv icon that the internet loves to hate and hates to love. As another gift to her admirers and haters, Fox showed off more of her DIY skills and created a dress and earrings made entirely of real-life autumn leaves.

In a TikTok uploaded on November 19, Fox walked her followers through the creation of her racy leaf dress, which includes a bralette top and skimpy skirt made of resin-coated leaves held together by steel chains and jump rings.

Fox sourced the leaves from a New York park and thankfully cleaned them off before making a look out of them. Meanwhile, the resin painting was courtesy of Fox’s friend and artist, Emma Fujiko.

“Anything can be clothes, ladies,” Fox stated and proved during the outfit’s grand reveal. In the end, Fox made not just a Fall 2022 dress but the Fall 2022 (literally).

Indeed, we’re not shocked to see a leaf dress by Fox at this point, especially after the actress slashed her jeans and turned Hanes top into two-piece skirt sets (the latter look inspired a collab, by the way).

Our September cover star even manages to turn heads with looks not made by her hand. Remember the grocery store lingerie and the barely-there latex skirt ensemble?

At the end of the day, you can always count on three things with Julia Fox (and being boring isn’t one of them): crafts, looks, and unbothered behavior.

“Now that we’re entering some dark times — we are in dark times in times — we all need to learn how to be crafty,” Fox concluded her tutorial with a giggle. She has spoken!

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