In the Name of Love: Jewellery to Celebrate An Anniversary

Boucheron’s Nature Triomphante high-jewellery collection

Choosing the right anniversary gift is a serious affair – after all, it’s a declaration of your undying love to your significant other. stephanie ip picks some exquisite jewels to consider, no matter whether you’re celebrating five or 50 years of marriage.

4th Anniversary — Flowers

Anniversary gifting: Boucheron’s Nature Triomphante ring
Boucheron’s Nature Triomphante high-jewellery collection

Flowers are the traditional gift for a fourth-year anniversary, but why pick something impermanent when you could get one that will last forever? Boucheron’s Nature Triomphante high-jewellery collection takes real petals from anemone, rose, hydrangea and peony and turns them into eternal works of art through a closely guarded scientific technique that retains their natural colours. Each ring has a rare precious stone in its centre that brings out the ombré tones of the ring’s petals. The floral rings are further enhanced with pistils in a powdered effect and pavé-set diamonds.

15th Anniversary — Crystal

En Passant necklace for a Crystal anniversary
Boucheron Contemplation En Passant necklace

The next piece that has caught our eye is this En Passant necklace, which was first presented in Boucheron’s 2020 high-jewellery collection, Contemplation. Strings of rock-crystal beads are given a frosted finish to evoke the misty, ethereal nature of clouds. Two diamond clouds rest on the beads, just underneath the collar bones, with diamond beads cascading downwards like tiny drops of rain. It’s a fitting piece for a 15th-anniversary celebration, which calls for a gift of crystal.

19th Anniversary — Jade

Fine jade set from Nuò by Cindy Yeung
Fine jade set from Nuò by Cindy Yeung

Jade is given on the occasion of a 19th anniversary. This fine necklace from Nuò by Cindy Yeung, which is crafted by artisans at Emperor Watch and Jewellery, pieces together natural fei cui jade with diamonds to wonderful effect. The milkiness of the jade green beads contrasts with the brilliant faceted white diamonds and stark black onyx for a wholly chic and contemporary look. The necklace, whose pendant is shaped in a geometric pattern to evoke an immaculate hedge maze, is part of Nuò’s Garden of Treasures high-jewellery collection. Each piece is said to have been inspired by Yeung’s travels.

25th Anniversary — Silver

Buccellati silver dishware
Buccellati silver dishware

Buccellati, which celebrated 100 years of jewellery-making just last year, is renowned for its distinctive gold pieces, which are hammered and handcrafted using traditional Italian techniques to resemble silks, tulle and damask. But the company is also known for silverware; its co-founder, Mario Buccellati, had always created exquisite objects for the home in sterling silver, using Renaissance motifs and nature as his inspirations. With the petals and stamen of each bloom engraved in elaborate detail, these photorealistic flower bowls could not be a more perfect gift for a 25th Silver anniversary.

30th Anniversary — Pearl

Bina Goenka pearl earrings
Bina Goenka pearl earrings, available at Net-a-Porter

Bina Goenka is a former lawyer turned jeweller to Bollywood stars, whose creativity and bold use of coloured gemstones have made her designs true works of art. Pearls often feature prominently in her jewellery designs, which is why we’ve picked this pair of earrings for a 30th Pearl anniversary. Handcrafted to the highest ethical sourcing and sustainable standards, the white-gold earrings are inlaid with shimmering diamonds in a leaf motif, from which dangle two gleaming pearls from the South Sea.

35th Anniversary — Coral

For a coral anniversary, the Panthère Tropicale jewellery watch
Cartier Panthère Tropicale jewellery watch

Cartier’s latest high-jewellery collection, [Sur]naturel, blurs the lines between fantasy and realities of the natural world. The Panthère Tropicale jewellery watch in this collection is a powerful and vibrant amalgamation of colours and materials. Yellow gold comes together with coral, aquamarine and tourmaline on one side of the cuff watch, while the other is speckled in onyx stones and diamonds to depict the fur of a panther.

The size of the coral used in the piece is an absolute highlight, which is why we found it a fitting gift for a 35th anniversary. The brittle coral is carefully worked by an expert gem-cutter in order to achieve the gadrooned design of the watch. It’s no easy feat, as the material can crack at the slightest touch.

40th Anniversary — Ruby

Fogliame clips Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels Fogliame clips from the Romeo and Juliet collection

Romeo and Juliet may have ended tragically, but the Shakespearean play is still considered one of the greatest love stories of all time. Van Cleef & Arpels clearly thought so too, creating a high-jewellery collection that featured more than 100 unique pieces based on the classic. Rubies and sapphires feature prominently in the collection to depict the two feuding families – red for the Capulets, and blue for the Montagues. The Fogliame clips in white gold and rose gold are set with one oval-cut ruby of 2.33 carats, one oval-cut pink sapphire of 2.10 carats, rubies, pink and mauve sapphires and diamonds. The pair of clips are an impressive piece of jewellery to show off on your 40th Ruby anniversary, even if we do say so ourselves.

45th Anniversary — Sapphire

Cartier Sinopé necklace
Cartier Sinopé necklace

Sapphire is the traditional gift for a 45th-anniversary celebration. Also from the Cartier [Sur]naturel collection is this magnificent Sinopé necklace, a sapphire and diamond masterpiece that’s worked into a supple and wave-like shape to evoke the flow of water. The piece boasts a scalloped lapis lazuli edge that rests against the neck, a ripple of blue that’s offset with the crystal-clear quality of the frosty diamonds. On the lower edge of the necklace are five Ceylon sapphires, chosen for the beautiful “medium cornflower blue” shade. The oval-shaped sapphires are from Madagascar, and total 8.55, 8.40, 8.14, 7.23 and 6.88 carats.

50th Anniversary — Gold

KISS by Carolina Bucci
KISS by Carolina Bucci

KISS (but in this case the acronym stands for Keep It Super Simple) is the name of Carolina Bucci’s latest collection, as well as pretty good advice to take into your 50th year of marriage. The gold bracelet and necklace collection is quite unusually inspired by Carolina Bucci’s partnership with watchmaker Audemars Piguet. The collection’s design is based on the beating heart of mechanical watches – the balance spring – a tightly wound, sinuous coil that causes the balance wheel to oscillate at a constant frequency to keep the watch running. Aesthetically simple and yet deliciously complex, the bracelets and necklaces in yellow and rose gold can be worn on its own or stacked with a watch or other jewellery.

55th Anniversary — Emerald

Graff high jewellery
Graff high jewellery

Emeralds are often considered regal; their glittering shades bely an almost mysterious appeal, but the thing about emeralds is that they’re also very rarely flawless. Almost all emeralds contain inclusions and tiny fractures that could even be visible to the naked eye. But maybe this is why we find them so enchanting. Relationships, too, aren’t always perfect, but they can be absolutely beautiful.

To celebrate a 55th Emerald anniversary, look no further than Graff’s high-jewellery collection, which sees emeralds and diamonds taking centre stage. The highlight is an emerald-cut emerald and pear-shaped diamond necklace, which is set with a 26.22-carat pear-shaped diamond that’s cut and polished from the legendary 1,109-carat Lesedi la Rona.

60th Anniversary — Diamond

Graff's Meya Prosperity Diamond
Graff’s Meya Prosperity Diamond

To celebrate your 60th anniversary, there’s no more appropriate or timeless gift than diamonds. And not just any diamond, but one from Graff. Every Graff diamond is carefully selected for its rare beauty, before its master craftsmen work with the stones to maximise its brilliance, but this particular one is a piece of diamond history. The principle stone is cut and polished from the 476-carat Meya Prosperity Diamond, which is then set into an exquisite necklace featuring more than 63 carats of the finest white diamonds.

The pendant drop, cut from the Meya Prosperity Diamond, is a 102.38-carat flawless pear-shaped diamond that sparkles with extraordinary brilliance and scintillating fire. The total necklace comes down to 183.18 carats of diamonds.

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