Introducing – The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 9SA5 “Shirakaba” SLGH005

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Grand Seiko’s innovative movement with Dual Impulse Escapement in a steel case with a handsome textured dial.



By Brice Goulard


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Grand Seiko Heritage SLGH005 Calibre 9SA5 Shirakaba

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  1. Isn’t 4800A/m pretty rubbish by current standards, with our lives being surrounded by iPad smartcovers and Magsafe chargers and all?

  2. I like.

  3. @Litho – this 4800A/m measurement is the standard required by the ISO 764 norm (magnetic-resistant watches standard). However, this level (which corresponds to about 60 gauss) is indeed rather low compared to the 1,000 Gauss of Rolex or the 15,000 gauss of Omega.

  4. Stunning textured dial. I’ve said this before, but I still wish GH put a little more thought into type solutions on their dials.

    I’ve never loved the GS logo/fonts, but the font, arrangement, and size of the type, and for that matter, the words, below the hands does not say high end design to me. The details are best left for the case back or advertising. Hi-Beat, alone, would have been so much more confident.

    The old Hi-Beat type solution from the King Seiko dials was better, recognizable, and had good history. Small type matters.

  5. The watch is stunning, but ultimately not my style, like most GS watches. Put that movement – sans decoration but with same level of adjustment/regulation and include a 5yr warranty- into the next high-end SLA Prospex diver and I’ll be very, very interested.

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