Joint Slay: Extra Butter and Hunter Co-Star in Rain Boot Slasher

Extra Butter and Hunter have unveiled a new boot collaboration in a campaign that’s as creepy as it is charming.

The NY-based streetwear brand and UK-based rain boot expert get cinephilic with their creative rollout for the team-up, a new take on Hunter’s classic rain boot. The limited-edition set features black, floral print rain boots, detachable gaiters, and gardening gloves to match — everything you need to fulfill all your outdoor activity needs, including, apparently, hiding a dead body.

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The campaign takes a stab at true crime and small-town murder storylines. Set in a 1950s suburban dreamscape (because what’s scarier than the cult of domesticity?), an accompanying video depicts a young woman getting full use out of her boots and gardening gloves… as she buries a body under her flower beds.

Shoveling the dirt away, she manages to keep her hands and dress pristine, thanks to her boots and gloves. She finishes the job by swiping the diamond ring off her unlucky victim’s finger and storing it in the conveniently placed pocket of the gaiter.

The campaign certainly fits with our increasing thirst for true crime content. Capitalizing on Netflix’s deluge of cold case documentaries (not to mention that Ryan Murphy series), Extra Butter and Hunter find the perfect dose of creepiness to promo their new shoe.

The boots, priced at $225, launch exclusively at Extra Butter’s website on November 18th, followed by a release on Hunter’s website on November 29th. Check out the macabre video below, but don’t go getting any crazy ideas.

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