Kanye Hasn’t Dropped ‘DONDA’ Yet, but He Is Livestreaming

DONDA day is here, or at least, today is the day that Kanye West previously shared would be the release of his highly anticipated record. Instead, the rapper has graced us with a livestream from his room inside the Mercedez-Benz Arena, where he’s reportedly been living to finish the album.

Apple Music shared a link to the livestream across its socials, and fans have since been watching the rapper do everything from doing push-ups and lifting weights, to getting a visit from Chance the Rapper, Steve Lacy, and Vic Mensa. The audio has also intentionally been muted, so we can only imagine what conversations are going on inside the small room. Thus far, Kanye himself has mainly appeared on the stream wearing a mask – something that’s become an outfit staple throughout the DONDA era.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the album, and have taken to Twitter to share their fascination (and confusion) with the livestream, sharing screenshots and updates from the ongoing stream. There’s yet no information as to what will happen following the live, but a list of international locations has been shared on the rapper’s website, alluding to potential listening party locations/viewings.

If you’re looking to watch Kanye being Kanye, the live stream is available exclusively on Apple Music. Stay tuned as any more information surfaces, and fingers crossed the album will finally drop today.

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