London-based Mother of Pearl embodies quirky and sustainable classicism at its best

Based in London and helmed today by Amy Powney, who went from sweeping the cutting-room floors to creative director in 13 years, this British star in sustainability is stocked by the likes of Net-A-Porter, Harrods and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Built on foundations that are both ethical and surprisingly creative, Mother of Pearl aims to deliver “beautiful clothes without compromising on integrity”.

Founded in 2002 by stylist Maia Norman, the former long-time partner of Damien Hirst, Mother of Pearl is now known for its quirky classicism, relaxed silhouettes and contemporary attitude, all contributing to a crisp yet intriguing look. The label offers a full wardrobe of year-round fashion, as opposed to a seasonal trend-based approach. In 2018 it launched No Frills, a fully sustainable line of core classics in a bid to slow fashion down. Daily wear is complemented with more flourished styles and elegant occasion wear – all spruced up with fresh cuts, hues and details such as pearls, ruching and dramatic fringing.

“We believe in transparency and want to give you access to the full story behind our products. We’ve created an online filter, which tags each garment with its sustainable attributes, showing you what we’ve managed to achieve for each individual piece,” the brand says. By offering transparency with each product you spend money on, it hopes to encourage buyers’ interest in the garment cycle, too.

Mother of Pearl’s London offices are now run on green energy and moving to compostable packaging made from plant-based materials. It also strives for working with only socially responsible factories, mostly around Europe. By using mostly natural and organic fibres rather than synthetic and man-made materials, the label hopes to create fashion that’s less harmful to the environment – the website provides ample detail on its fabrications, the brand’s approach and individual pieces.

(All images: Mother of Pearl)

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