Maldives for female solo travellers

While combing through the accounts of prominent female solo travellers it was found that the Maldives is frequently present and highly recommended. A vacation is the best form of therapy and at times it is so much easier and soul enriching when you travel alone, especially for those with wanderlust coursing through their veins for whom travelling is like breathing, the feeling of losing oneself in the culture and people of a new place is an extraordinary and deeply necessary thrill.

In recent years, female solo travellers have taken the internet by storm; sharing thousands of tales of women who pack their bags and go on that trip of a lifetime, pictures, videos, blog posts, and articles with detailed accounts of amazing vacations, featuring fabulous destinations. They are seen going from country to country, satiating their deep desire to explore and inspire thousands more to live vicariously through their posts and experiences. They describe the Sunny Side of Life as a destination which offers serenity, luxury, unique pampering experiences and above all else the immense safety measures implements across all islands.

Here are some factors that made our archipelago a haven for ladies traveling solo:

Guaranteed Safety

The main requirement a female solo globetrotter looks for in picking a destination is safety first and foremost. Their accounts of visits to the Maldives vouch that the Maldives is among the safest places they’ve visited. And we can guarantee this too. There are next to nil accounts of incidents of crime against tourists in Maldivian resorts. Our resorts are based on non-residential uninhabited islands and there is only one property (brand of hotel/resort) operating in each of these islands. This reduces the chance of crime, as everyone working in the resorts are thoroughly vetted and trustworthy to give precedence for the safety of their visitors. In the Maldives, resort workers strive to ensure that your comfort and needs are met to a T around the clock.

In my experience, I felt extremely safe the whole time I travelled through the Maldives. I found the people to be extremely friendly and extremely hospitable. I was treated with respect and was always helped when I needed assistance.” – Bianca Caruana

Ultimate Privacy

As a globetrotter, it is important to balance self-therapy alongside adventurous experiences. It gets quite tiring travelling to places packed and full to the brim? The private, calm, and relaxing environment the Maldives offers is incomparable to any other destination. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the most important ones we can note is that our resorts have only staff and fewer guests due to the limited number of rooms/beds in each property. It’s like a little private world for yourself, and this type of seclusion is quite addictive. We promise you it’s the kind of mental, physical, and emotional reset your mind, body and soul needs to recharge for your next adventures. After all, this is where people come to rejuvenate their minds and body!

I loved to walk alone beside the white sandy beach during the golden hour. I kept gazing at the turquoise crystal waters. I totally embrace this moment and the beauty of my solo travel in the Maldives.” – Nafisa Habeeb

Personalised stay option and amenities

Our properties are full of luxuries with a touch of world-class hospitality, curated and personalised to perfection. Accommodation options in a resort consist of a bedroom, personal baths, showers, mini bar, and views to die for- all walled off (not literally, just with trees, or in proper distance from one villa to another).

The two main options of stay offered by resorts include beach villas and over-water villas; both are extremely personalised and private. A beach villa comes with its own private beach, sometimes even private pools, and all the amenities you could name. As for the over-water villas, they are quite literally built in the middle of the lagoon, most with its own private infinity-style pools and over-water hanging hammocks, perfect to enjoy the metamorphosing colours of dusk and dawn. This is the perfect change of scenery and pace from what you experience elsewhere.

These resorts also come with several dining options: world-class cuisines available at your fingertips. Have dietary preferences, or restrictions? No worries, the properties ensure you are served exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it.

Often thought of as a paradise for lovers, Maldives is just as perfect for solo travel. Traveling alone has very specific benefits and a Maldives vacation gives you the opportunity to explore them all. Dining and dancing or diving and exploring, a Maldives holiday for singles has all you’ll ever need.” – Bridget Gibson

Want adrenaline-pumping activities or relaxing? Or both?

When solo travellers praise our destination and say the Maldives is perfect for a solo trip, they are absolutely right. You can also curate your solo trip to the Maldives your own way, a relaxing and peaceful “away from the madding crowd” vacation or pair it with “exciting, adrenaline pumping activities” to suit your mood. Relaxation can be paired easily with adrenaline-pumping experiences. And in the Maldives, the Thrilling Side of Life, we know exactly how to do this. There are hordes of activities to choose from scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, paddleboard riding, canoeing, and parasailing, to more relaxed activities such as wellness, yoga and spa treatment which can be done in groups or individually. Fancy a dinner or movie under the stars? A private picnic in a sandbank? A day trip to an island where you get to see how locals live? Want to spot a whale shark, swim with mantas or sea turtles in their natural habitat? We’ve got it all and more. The choice is abundantly yours, to do things that you actually wanted to do at you own pace!

“I know now that any woman can make the long journey here by herself and feel safe, confident and more importantly renewed. This vacation was probably the most relaxing that I have ever had the opportunity to experience. All my senses were recharged here” – Mirlandes Desarme

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