Many Mads Mikkelson Mugs Grace Wacko Maria’s ‘Hannibal’ Collection

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Brand: Wacko Maria

Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Buy: Wacko Maria’s website

Price: ¥9,900 to ¥37,400 (approximately $90 to $340 for the clothing), ¥2,200 (approximately $20 for the cup), and ¥3,300 (approximately $30 for the plate)

Release Date: September 25

Editor’s Notes: So Wacko Maria’s Fall Winter 2021 collection is a little goofy, with its kinda dated Superbad and Bob Dylan nods. But at least it has a few more contemporary refs, like Hannibal. Well, semi-contemporary. At least it’s dropping in time for Halloween.

Hannibal ended over six years ago but given that Wacko Maria is so into Silence of the Lambs, I guess it’s a pretty timeless nod. At least Hannibal and Silence hold up — Superbad not so much, in my opinion. No hate to Michael Cera or Jonah Hill, though!

Anyways, the always-on Mads Mikkelsen starred in Hannibal and its his grinning mug that graces this concise collection of stuff, a wearable assortment of Hawaiian shirts, coaches jackets, sweaters, and T-shirts. Black base, face of Mikkelson’s Hannibal Lector, you know the drill. They’re offered in color or black and white, though, so that’s a little different.

Wacko Maria doesn’t really take these kinds of collaborations to especially adventurous places and there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether its teaming up with rappers or film directors, the Japanese brand likes to keep things simple and let the thematic graphics do the talking.

This Hannibal line is at least a little more interesting, however. Wacko Maria is also dropping a mug and plate set that matches the Lector-branded wearables, which is apparently a reference to a recurring theme in Hannibal Lector-related media.

Pretty cool as a deep cut for the Hannibal heads and, for the rest of us, a pretty neat collectible to set on display ahead of Halloween.

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