‘More Torture’ & Iconic Goth Looks Are en Route for ‘Wednesday’ Season Two

According to the official Wednesday Addams Twitter account, “more torture” is on the way as Netflix gives Wednesday the thumbs-up for a second season run.

“We can’t wait to dive headfirst into another season and explore the kooky, spooky world of Nevermore,” Wednesday‘s co-showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar stated. “We just need to make sure Wednesday hasn’t emptied the pool first.”

Another season of witty clapbacks and TikTok-worthy goth looks from the iconic Wednesday, a.k.a Jenna Ortega? Don’t mind if I do.

For years now, Wednesday has reigned as a fan-favorite character amongst the Addams bunch, pulling viewers in with her dark humor and relatable moods. And Ortega’s Wednesday does just that, if not more.

Indeed, our modern-day scream queen successfully nails the character’s deadpan, witty personality — only cracking a smile for utter chaos and those close to her (even though she hates to admit it, Wednesday cares).

First looks at Ortega as Wednesday surfaced in June, followed by an official teaser trailer in August, both of which trended on social media and further built on the hype for the show’s official release.

When the show premiered on Netflix in November, it seemed like the entire world, including me, tuned into Wednesday. From enjoying the Carrie reference to rooting for Wednesday and Tyler (is it wrong that I still am?), this coming-of-age supernatural comedy horror series had me locked in for all eight episodes.

The Netflix series quickly became one of the service’s most successful series — no surprises there — spawning a slew of goth fashion trends and recreations of Ortega’s viral dance number on TikTok (Lady Gaga even gave the craze a shot).

During the season one finale, Wednesday typed what we were all wondering on her typewriter: “The end?” The million-dollar question ultimately left room for season two speculation.

During a past interview, Gough and Millar even teased the idea of another season (or several), saying, “For us, it’s always looking at the future, and when we sit down to create a show, it’s looking at multiple seasons, ideally.”

Plus, fans — it’s me, I’m fans — are dying to know: Who is Wednesday’s secret stalker that’s sending her creepy serial killer messages? Who’s the new Nevermore Academy principal (Weems didn’t deserve to go out like that)? Are we finally going to put an end to the Hyde, aka Tyler?

Wednesday‘s second season has yet to receive an official release date, but I suspect all questions will be answered during the series’ forthcoming offering (hopefully).

When the time comes for Wednesday season two, just know: My blanket, couch, and I will be ready to binge.

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