Nai Lert Group Set to Open the École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio in December

On December 14, Nai Lert Group will open the École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio, a new, multifacted venue that will serve as a training centre for culinary professionals, an exclusive event space, and a sophisticated café open to the general public.

The new project is inspired by the vision of Chef Alain Ducasse, the passionate Founder of École Ducasse network of schools, which has continuously raised the bar for culinary excellence since its establishment in 1999. Chef Alain is one of the world’s most renowned chefs, celebrated for his innovation, attention to detail, and dedication to both quality and technique.

The professionals who work with him across these institutes offer a unique mix of expertise, and comprise of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France awardees, world champions, renowned chefs and pastry chefs, artisans, and hospitality experts who have helped train some of the world’s most recognised names in gastronomy. Beyond these highly qualified individuals, the Nai Lert Bangkok Studio team will also feature local talent who have in-depth understanding of the local culture and culinary landscape.

“I have always run on my vision of culinary and pastry arts. I share my know-how with all young people who have a craving for learning, enthusiasts, career-changers, and professionals alike who are willing to strengthen their skills, with a single motto in mind: excellence in practice. I am delighted to extend this vision to Thailand, one of the most vibrant culinary scenes,” Chef Alain says.

Although École Ducasse runs three schools in France, as well as international schools in the Philippines and India, The École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio will be the first studio outside of Paris. The team expressed that Bangkok was chosen for this exciting opening because of the kingdom’s rich culinary heritage, which continues to reach exciting new heights year after year.

The exclusive partnership between Nai Lert Group and École Ducasse to establish the École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio is part of Nai Lert Group’s impressive Nai Lert Education arm, which pays tribute to the founder’s commitment to invest in, and continuously develop the local community.

Speaking about the upcoming launch, Naphaporn “Lek” Bodiratnangkura, CEO of Nai Lert Group, shares: “This is a significant milestone for Nai Lert Group, as with École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio, we can continue our commitment to excellence, to enrich culinary education, and to bringing a new holistic gastronomic experience to Thailand. It will also contribute to opening up new culinary landscapes around the country.”

World-Class Facilities

The École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio will be located inside of the iconic, century-old Nai Lert Park in the heart of Bangkok, making it a convenient and idyllic venue for those in pursuit of exceptional gastronomic experiences. The building offers 1,400 square metres of usable spaces across three floors, with two of these floors dedicated to the school’s five kitchens and workshop studios, the chocolate and ice-cream lab, a wine cellar, and an event room.

Contemporary, convivial, and inviting, the studio has been designed with both professionals and amateurs in mind. The kitchens have been conceptualised by the stellar team behind École Ducasse to ensure facilities, appliances, and layout are all state-of-the-art and meet professional kitchen standards.

On the ground floor of the building is the École Ducasse Bangkok Café, which overlooks the lush Nai Lert Park. Here, visitors can tuck into French-inspired breakfast staples such as quiche Lorraine and smoked salmon, as well as a plethora of traditional French pastries, desserts, and hot and cold crafted beverages, all crafted by the the executive culinary chefs and pastry chefs of École Ducasse.

Classes for Everyone

École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio will offer practical and academic courses that celebrate the heritage of both French and Thai cuisine, while also keeping a focus on trends in contemporary gastronomy and the philosophy of its Founder, Chef Alain.

All classes will be taught in modern, friendly spaces with easy-to-use professional equipment, will be available in Thai, English and French, and will be tailored to different levels of learning to ensure that every individual can find a good fit.

Moreover, to foster an environment where students can enhance their talent and meet the high expectations of the industry, each class will have a small number of students allowing for one-on-one time with a highly talented training chef. Beyond just culinary skills, École Ducasse aims to train entrepreneurs, managers, and citizen chefs who understand the full spectrum of what it takes to succeed in the culinary industry.

From four-hour classes on famous childhood desserts, to classes on brunch and bistro cuisine, classes exploring the in-depth secrets of French cuisine and three-star Alain Ducasse classics, and highly immersive ten-week courses on culinary essentials, the studio will offer something for everyone at every skill level.

The studio can also help professional chefs who want to refine skills related to specific gastronomic themes such as curating three-star menus, specialising in vegetarian cuisine, and crafting artistic pastry items.

Exceptional Events

The École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio also boasts an exclusive and versatile event space where the inhouse team can aid with the execution of a one-of-a-kind event that utilises the studio’s many facilities. These include seminars and team building events, after-work parties, product launches, work demonstrations, film shoots, and corporate dinners, to name a few.

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