New Eats: Chaat’s curry luncheons, Lee Gardens’ Coffee Festival and more

Right on cue: A new list of restaurants to visit for menus not-to-be-missed to brighten up this gloomy Monday morning. An intuitive booking now will be worth it later in the week, when you’re comfortably settled in on a plush banquette with and a table-wide spread of delicious food. This week’s destinations: Rosewood’s Chaat for a flavour-rich curry lunch, Osteria Marzia’s bright summer serves, Feather & Bone’s self-satisfactory Masterclass meal, Casa Lisboa’s destination dinner to Portugal and, a quick stop-by for when you’ve got a minute, Lee Gardens’ Coffee Festival.

Curry luncheons at Chaat

As if bookings at Chaat wasn’t already hard to get, the modern Indian cuisine at Rosewood is now rolling out with something even more exclusive: A limited two-a-month Curry Luncheon that spotlights six distinct curries from the region, prepared by chef Manav Tuli. Focusing primarily on the use of lamb, the menu ladles through aromatic pans of Kashmiri-staple Rogan Josh lamb curry, Champaran mutton curry, Begali-style Kosha Mangsho, Rajastan Laal Maas, Aadu Koran from Kerala (Malabar Lamb Korma) and Salli Botia, a well-loved Parsi (Western Indian) dish — all served with fascinating knowledge shared by chef Tuli. Of course, the signature jackfruit samosas make its presence, as do the selection of perfectly charred naan.

Chaat’s Curry Luncheon is available every first and second Friday of the month, with the launch on 6 August. Reservations can be made via +852 3891 8732.

Chaat, Level Five, Rosewood Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Osteria Marzia’s summer specials

A holiday away at the balmy Tyrrhenian Sea is the destination you’re headed for the next time you patronise Osteria Marzia, Black Sheep’s colourful Southern Italian eatery. Four new dishes, wholly attuned to the summer season, is devised by chef Luca Marinelli to highlight the season’s freshest produce; to be able to appreciate new produce every changing season is the way to truly honour Italian cuisine. Sea-fresh prawns are deliciously prepared in the Tartare di Mazzancolle and Tonnarelli ai Gamberi Rossi, while the zucchine trombetta spotlights the sweet, crunchy veggie and the Sgombro, a tip to the beautifully charred saba dressed with Tropea onion, buffalo ricotta and wedges of fig.

Osteria Marzia, 41 Fleming Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 3607 2253

Coffee Festival at Lee Gardens

Whether your morning cup of coffee is sipped with a deep appreciation from special blends or simply a means to get you through the day, there’s one thing everyone can probably agree on: it’s an integral part of daily routines. So much so, the coffee enthusiasts at Lee Gardens have put together a 11-day Coffee Festival in the Hysan Place atrium to celebrate this delicate cup of art from its colours to aroma and taste. Head over to mingle with like-minded coffee-ists in savouring renowned coffee brands, special beans and single origin curations or discovering what’s next-and-new in at-home brewing, including the latest coffee gadgets. The Coffee Festival will run on an exclusive Coffee Pass for an all-access experience to Coffee Workshops hosted within the area.

Lee Gardens’ Coffee Festival will run from 22 July through 1 August from 11am – 9pm at Hysan Place Atrium. Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2886 7222

Authentic Portuguese spot Casa Lisboa celebrates 12 years since opening in 2009 with a limited time six-course tasting menu serving the atmospheric eatery’s seasoned favourites. To begin, four delicious sharing starters — codfish cakes, pica-pau beef tenderloin cubes, clams bulhão pato and algarvia salad — then a choice of Casa Lisboa’s flavour-packed, popular mains. We’ll be going for either the Leitão à Bairrada (slow roasted suckling pig) and duck rice with chouriço and slow-roasted pork belly, Lisboa style. And it wouldn’t be a celebration without dessert — the serradura, a top-choice, end-of-meal favourite.

The 12th Anniversary menu will be available for dinner from now through 5 August, every Monday and Tuesday. Reservation can be made via +852 2905 1168.

Casa Lisboa, 2/F, Parekh House, 63 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2905 1168

Feather & Bone’s Masterclasses

You’d likely have caught wind of the new Feather & Bone just opened in the basement of Lee Garden Two, one of the popular deli-slash-grocer’s largest space that spans across a grocery and dining area to also include the first-ever sit-down bakery and seafood counter. Also in-store, the venue’s expert-guided masterclasses: sausage making or constructing your very own beef wellington, where everything is pre-prepped and ready for rolling, slicing and folding — served with a glass of vino of your choice. The hard work will be all paid off when you find yourself sipping and savouring your culinary masterpiece at the next-door restaurant, 120 minutes later.

Header image courtesy of Osteria Marzia.

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