New Year, Same UGG-Loving Adam Sandler

It’s safe to say that throughout 2022 Adam Sandler became a bit of a favorite at Highsnobiety HQ.

From his conveyor belt of big shorts and Off-White™-flexing, to being named Google’s top style icon the year before, Sandler had a breakout 12 months in the world of masterful slouching — even if it was unintentional.

The actor — who yesterday was confirmed to be starring alongside Brad Pitt in an upcoming Noah Baumbach-directed Netflix film — has taken the “slouchy” vibe by the scruff of the sweaters and made it his own in recent years. And, in truth, it’s a relatively simple concept.

Take a baggy pair of shorts or sweatpants, an outlandishly-patterned polo shirt, and a pair of HOKAs, and you’ve got yourself a default Sandler rig right there.

His “getting the badge in” moment aside, Sandler doesn’t care for trends, nor does he conform to dress codes, something proven when he wore gym shorts and fuzzy slippers on the red carpet.

Thankfully, Sandler’s laid-back vibe look set to continue through 2023, after the Happy Gilmore actor was spotted alongside his wife Jackie at the Brentwood Country Mart, California, donning his other signature footwear: the UGG Boot.

Naturally paired with some oversized peach-colored basketball shorts, a polo, and a Colombia fleece, Sandler’s uniqueness when it comes to personal style is something to be admired amidst a scene awash with everyone dressing almost identical.

Individuality is a rarity in the world of celebrities nowadays and Sandler is an ongoing breath of cozy fresh air. All we can say for now is: long live the king of masterful slouch.

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