Norqain unbuckles from leather straps to send a global message on animal welfare

Dean Schneider’s Instagram videos on African wildlife — mainly big cats — frequently get over 3 million views, making him a global media star for his message on freedom, adventure, animal welfare and sustainability.

That sort of following (9.8 million on Instagram) for such worthy causes makes Mr Schneider a magnet for brands looking to align with his values and reach his youthful audience.

And he is Swiss.

Norqain has grabbed the opportunity and signed a deal to make him an international ambassador, and he will help highlight the Swiss watch company’s commitment to sustainable commerce.

“We are so excited to have Dean Schneider on board as our newest international Norqain ambassador. His values of freedom and adventure are reflected in our brand, and he has already made a positive impact on our long-term vision”, Norqain CEO Ben Küffer says.

“As someone who has taken the road less travelled and invested his time, money and energy into a cause he is passionate about, Dean lives Norqain’s ‘my life, my way’ ethos. The work he does for the animals of our planet is truly praiseworthy and we are proud to support him.”

Dean Schneider with Norqain CEO Ben Küffer.

Unlike much of the luxury industry, mechanical watches have a relatively low impact when it comes to harming the planet, but there is always a little more that can be done.

Norqain has never used crocodile leather straps, instead opting for certified vegan rubber straps with a crocodile leather texture.

Now the brand is going further by dropping leather straps altogether.

All future NORQAIN watches will have metal bracelets, fabric straps or vegan options – such as certified vegan leather or certified rubber.

Currently, the brand’s selection of straps includes perlon rubber and croco-style rubber straps that are manufactured by BIWI SA, a Swiss company specialising in vegan-certified products.

“As our brand becomes more well-known, we understand that we have the opportunity to make unconventional changes that allow us to lead by example,” says Mr Küffer.

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