Geneva-based Iskenderian is claiming a world first for its latest auction of rare jewellery and watches which can be bought for francs, dollars or cryptocurrency.

Accepting Bitcoin is part of a broader message about alternative investments.

Iskenderian owner Laurent Iskenderian says he wants to open investing in rare watches and jewellery to the world.

“We want to democratise the world of auctions, jewellery and watches. Online sales allow visitors to bid from their phone or computer without any constraints and in complete privacy, wherever they are. The intimidating environment and prejudices are a thing of the past,” he describes.

Vintage jewellery and watches are a safe investment in times of crisis, the company suggests.

“It is an exciting purchase, a social marker providing a profitable placement, vintage jewellery represents a purchase with no fixed costs, no maintenance fees, high value in low volume and internationally marketable without restrictions,” it adds.

The auction takes place on September 19 at Drouotonline.