Rail Europe appoints Bjorn Bender as new President & CEO

Rail Europe has appointed Björn Bender as President and CEO. Björn, a mobility expert with 20 years’ experience in the sector, will be bringing his rail expertise, customer centricity and spirit of innovation to the company. Before joining Rail Europe, Björn was Head of Innovation, Research and Incubation at SBB, prior to which he led the company’s business unit New Mobility Services.

Before joining SBB, Björn held several positions at DB in Germany, Italy and Austria. After spending six years as International Sales Director for Eastern Europe and later Southern Europe, he was VP Sales & Partner Management for New Mobility from 2015 to 2019.

 I am very excited to be joining Rail Europe’s teams. I’ll be making it my personal mission to make European trains more accessible, while facilitating European train digital distribution. The mobility transition and the so-called ‘revenge’ travel period that we are witnessing today holds many opportunities for Rail Europe as a well-known brand with a 90-year history. As people become increasingly aware of climate change, Rail Europe’s positioning will secure the company’s future as a major player with strong, long-term partners. I’m also happy to announce that we will now be offering our B2B solutions to travel agencies, tour operators and Online Travel Agencies all over Europe,“ says Björn Bender.

Björn holds a Master’s degree in general management, majoring in tourism and transport.

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