READYMADE & Denim Tears' Collab Is Too Cozy

Denim Tears is all gas and no breaks with its 2022 collaborations. Fresh off a linkup with Stüssy and Our Legacy (again), the Tremaine Emory-led brand has teamed up with READYMADE for its latest collaborative project.

The Denim Tears x READYMADE collab materializes as a collection of apparel and accessories riffed with READYMADE’s signature upcycled garments and Denim Tears’ famed Cotton Wreath motif.

Hoodies, semi-flared sweatpants, and shorts — all pre-loved pieces courtesy of READYMADE — lead the collection, showcasing the Cotton Wreath concept at its coziest as an allover design.

Baseball caps follow suit with the collection’s Cotton Wreath pattern in addition to a playful “READYMADE Tears” and Denim Tears’ branding on the front and back, respectively.

Wrapping up the Denim Tears x READYMADE offering is a shoulder bag with straps comprised of pearls and knit recreations of raw cotton — a reiteration of Denim Tears’ overarching ethos: the exploration of Black stories, including traumatic ones like slavery.

Most recently, Denim Tears used rhinestoned Cotton Wreath prints on Levi’s denim to spotlight the history of Black people’s enslavement and the cotton industry.

And I can’t forget the Cactus Plant Flea Market linkup, which essentially posed as Emory’s way of reclaiming Independence Day in honor of the Black community.

Denim Tears’ READYMADE collection — currently available at Cherry Fukuoka, The Gallery Box, and Makes — is undoubtedly cozy and stylish. But, like any of the brand’s collaborations, Emory ensures there’s indeed a story behind those A1 threads.

It reminds me of my favorite quote from our interview with Emory: “Knowledge and drip. I just want to make shit that looks great, that has some meaning behind it. That’s it.”

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