Right Now Is a Great Time to Buy Jeans

There’s never really a bad time to buy new jeans—you can’t have too many spare pairs of the ultimate closet workhorse on deck—but you have even more good reasons than usual to cop some denim right now. Beyond the post-pandemic, post-sweats denim renaissance that’s currently sweeping the nation, a whole lot of great jeans are available at steep markdowns right now.

You might not think of summer as prime jeans season, but it’s the best time to take advantage of all the seasonal sales and score your next pair of denim at a ludicrous discount. Those standby Levis 501s you love? Yup, they’re on sale. The fancy designer jeans you can never quite afford? Oh yeah, those are here too. The already-affordable mall brands you fall back on? Even more affordable right now. If you’re ready to get to shopping, go ahead and scroll on down—we’ve scouted out seven top-shelf pairs to shop immediately.

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