Sample season-fresh produce at The St. Regis Macao’s The Manor

Executive sous chef Michele Dell’ Aquila at The Manor launches a seasonal new menu for the esteemed fine-dining destination at The St. Regis Macao.

Bari-born, southern Italian Michele Dell’ Aquila has a lot to be proud of. Rightfully so, the acclaimed chef has had experiences in many well-acclaimed kitchens throughout Europe, including the three-starred Don Alfonso in Sorrento, Italy and Sergi Arola’s two-Michelin La Broche in sunny Madrid. From there, a one-way ticket to Asia, where he oversaw restaurants respectively in Bangkok, Bali, Tokyo, before arriving to glitzy, casino-dotted Macao in 2009. In early 2020, he became the executive sous chef at The Manor in The St. Regis Macao.

Sicilian red prawn and oscietra caviar served with yuzu

“I was excited to join The Manor team to enhance its reputation as one of the truly exquisite dining destinations in Macao,” chef Michele commented. “From our renowned a-la-carte evening menus, our special lunch selections, as well as our much sought-after Stories of the Sea menus.” he finishes.

Naturally, chef Michele brings the many influences of his upbringing and experience to his kitchen; a myriad of cultures and dining scenes within global the culinary sphere. At his core, however, chef Michele stays true to his roots and infuses a fundamental Italian culinary tradition: To honour the fine and fresh produce and interpret them in contemporary yet uncomplicated plates. Innovative and creative in presentation, yet still keeping to a traditional cooking process that highlight the natural flavours. This too, is the tradition at The Manor.

A gathering spot for like-minded gourmets, The Manor is a contemporary fine-dining establishment with a catalogue of unique local flavours infused with a distinct Portuguese influence.

  • The Verandah
  • The Dining Room
  • The Penthouse Kitchen
  • The Wine Gallery
  • The Library

Space wise, The Manor is segmented into five elegant spaces; emulating the movement between various spaces in a grand manor home. Each is arranged with slightly different ambience; each a service to a different dining experience. The Verandah replicates a lush indoor garden is one reserved for pre-dinner drinks or daily gatherings; The Dining Room and The Wine Gallery, intimate nooks for private tête-a-têtes; The Penthouse Kitchen, a up-close-and-personal stage for chef Michele’s culinary finesse; and finally The Library, a cosy enclave inspired by an old-world study for meet-ups.

For the new season, Chef Michele has crafted a new menu — one devised to showcase his expertise in executing season-fresh produce. The renewed selection takes influences from local, Eastern and Western palates while still pertaining to The Manor’s ethos of fine, sustainably sourced ingredients. 

“Having travelled, lived and worked around the world, food memories are what have inspired me to create this menu.” chef Michele explains. “The finest dining experiences in the world are always founded on the highest quality ingredients, and the menu has been crafted around that principle. I feel honoured to be able to share what is simply some of the best providence from the land and sea.”

Okan Tenderloin M6-7 with butter soy Jerusalem artichoke, morels, broccolini and beef jus

And the menu really does enlist only the finest; some even rare, exclusive finds. Take your pick or try them all with The Manor’s ‘The Long and Short of it‘ menu, available in either four- or six-course sitting. Among of which features the coveted ‘Okan’ Australian wagyu tenderloin — a gold-medal standard cut, according to the Australian 2020 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition — seared to pink-in-the-middle perfection and served with buttery Jerusalem artichoke purée, morels and broccolini. And the George Bruck foie gras sourced from France, where the unctuous, palate-rich umami is brought out via a decadent pairing of red berries and nutty Japanese kinako.

  • George Bruck foie gras with red berry and Japanese kinako
  • Pinched agnolotti with wagyu short rib, beef jus and 48-month parmesan espuma
  • Giraldo Bacalhau loin with asparagus, cannellini bean, kale and shrimo alhinho
  • Aveyron lamb rack with ginger carrot, mushrooms and smoke eggplant caviar
  • Glacier 51 Toothfish with black squid ink, toasted Chouriço migas, Champagne emulsion
  • st regis macao the manor
    Aged Miyazaki Wagyu beef striploin with potato mille-feuille, mushroom and black truffle

Another star of the show: The Glacier 51 Toothfish. The Manor’s crown jewel is completely revamped in this edition. Sourced from the deep waters of the Indian Ocean, 4000 kilometres away from the Australian coast, the silky fish is served upon an aromatic bed of Portuguese chouriço migas with squid ink, and laid beside a bubbly pillow of Champagne emulsion for a bright, crisp tang. 


And finally, a sweet note to end the decadent meal: A dessert course named ‘Coffee’. It’s a personal creation by chef Michele; an ode to nostalgic traditions at home. The tiramisu-inspired treat brings together the classic cast of mascarpone cream, caramelised almond, topped with a Baileys foam for a rich, indulgent and delicious finale. 

The Manor is also set to present its eighth chapter of ‘Stories of the Sea’, a limited-time dinner menu that has been beloved by staunch followers since its launch in 2019. The latest evolution — available until July — will be an exquisite showcase of fresh seafood treasures sourced from around the world. A wine pairing, crafted by recently appointed sommelier David Duan, will be available to complement the extravagant dining experience. 

The Manor, 1/F, The St. Regis Macao, The Londoner Macao, Estrada do Istmo. s/n, Cotai, Macau S.A.R, +853 2882 8898

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