Seth Rogen's Bookish Birkenstocks Epitomize His Menswear Glow-Up

It’s the first week of 2023 and Seth Rogen, Dude Weed Lmao himself, is already establishing himself as a must-watch menswear contender. Not that we doubt his stylish bonafides — an outfit worn by a blonde Rogen got our eyebrows raised last year — but there’s no mistaking Rogen’s acumen for assembling a casually cool look.

Take his appearance on the January 3 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! as an example. Before dressing in a pretty reg suit, Seth Rogen did the alley walk typical of late night guests in his street clothes.

Rogen looked, frankly, like the cool librarian everyone always wants to emulate, wearing a Universal Works wool fleece cardigan, effortless straight leg pants, and Birkenstock’s fleece-lined Boston clogs.

Stoners of a certain age were likely all acquainted with Birkenstock way before TikTokers began obsessing over Bostons, so Rogen’s likely owned those sandals even before it had an amazing 2022 but the timing is certainly fortuitous.

Anyways, zooming out on Rogen’s outfit, it’s not the wildest thing we’ve ever seen (I’m sure one of the Biebers or some supermodel will wear something crazier in a day or two) but I don’t gravitate towards outfits just because they’re some sort of outré flex.

The appeal here is to see typically fashion-ambivalent folks dressed in quietly cool outfits that reveal a hidden interest in caring about their appearance. Not that these people never cared, per se, but that they’re signaling their good taste to those willing to look.

Seth Rogen’s wardrobe glow-up, if you will, mirrors the appreciable good looks of dudes like Brett Gelman and Rogen’s frequent co-star Jonah Hill; conventionally jovial fellas ignored by much of the fashion glitterati.

Well, no longer. With the omnipresence of social media, access to stylists, and a new angle of what makes an interesting outfit, we’re in boom times for unexpectedly excellent looks from unexpectedly stylish dudes.

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