Shop: 6 must-have summer jewels

From eccentric necklaces to colourful pendants and timeless pieces, we have selected six summer jewels to complement and elevate your outfits this season.

Samantha Tea

samanthatea calista ring rain


This Calista Ring by Samantha Tea, made from rose gold set with rainbow sapphires and a moonstone cabochon, comes in a spiral design that’s inspired by the cross section of a seashell.


5 other opal jewellery boulder opal shan shui cuff


Tayma captures the natural beauty of Chinese mountain water paintings in this Boulder Opal Bangle in the Shan Shui Collection. In the centre is a 94-carat Australian boulder opal, which poetically evokes the beautiful Chinese ink paintings in its mesmerising shimmer of blues, greens and naturally occurring inclusions.


aquamarine yellow beryl and diamond necklace sku 69332226 2


Tiffany has unveiled new designs from its highly anticipated 2021 Blue Book Collection. Under the theme of Colours of Nature, the collection comprises more than 250 high-jewellery pieces, with a multitude of precious coloured gemstones that take us on an epic journey through the skies, the sea, the land and the subterranean. This gorgeous necklace comes with aquamarines of more than 139 carats and yellow beryls exceeding 121 carats and is, in our eyes, the epitome of summer.


fred pdt tong debout rvb


Nothing says summer jewels quite like Fred’s Riviera pendants, which are embellished with motifs inspired by life on the French Riviera — palm trees, cocktails and walks along the sandy beaches — in pink gold and jewels.


Bvlgari Divas' Dream summer limited edition necklace
Bvlgari Divas’ Dream summer limited edition necklace


Bvlgari has released an exclusive summer limited edition in its Divas’ Dream Collection, in pinkish hues to celebrate summer romance. The necklace, with a delicate fan motif that is inspired by the mosaics at Rome’s ancient Baths of Caracalla, is set in 18K rose gold with delicate lines of pink sapphires and diamonds. Summer loving happened so fast.

Eden Presley

Eden Presley earrings
Eden Presley earrings


Transformative jewellery perfect for day or night, Eden Presley’s Celestial earrings come apart at the top so you can wear them as star studs, or with the drop pendant that pairs opals with malachite for an otherworldly look.

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