Thanks to Telfar & Moose Knuckles, Your Y2K Winter Uniform Is Here

Scrape together some coins because Telfar and Moose Knuckles are back with a new capsule collection.

The latest from Telfar and Moose Knuckles arrives as a collection of apparel and, of course, shopping bags dripped out in metallic silver and gold (plus a restock of some black quilted goods).

Like the brand’s 2021 drop, the familiar quilted Telfar monogram emblazons every piece, including its handbags in all sizes. Meanwhile, clothing sports Moose Knuckles’ branding patch and fur trims, as wrapped around the collection’s trousers and outerwear’s hoods.

The duo’s hooded jackets reminded me of those popular 2000s fur-trimmed Rocawear zip-ups, which kept us cozy and fly in the cooler months. Telfar and Moose Knuckles took the Y2K trend and elevated it (And I, for one, am living for it)!

Fit for past and present stylish individuals — remember, Telfar is for everyone — Telfar and Moose Knuckles keep their finger on the pulse of the 00s fashion craze with their latest drop.

And if any of this is sending brain signals to cop, the collection can be found at Telfar and Moose Knuckles‘ websites and select luxury retailers like SSENSE and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Winter may be a few weeks away, but the temperatures outside say outerwear weather is here. Moose Knuckles combines its 100-plus years of fashioning luxury outerwear with Telfar’s stylish, New York-inspired aesthetic.

After all, who nails winter fashion better than New Yorkers? (That’s rhetorical, by the way).

You can always bank on Telfar to deliver authentic and entertaining marketing, and this rollout is no different. Visuals zoom in on the gleaming pieces, resulting in feels that are chic, futuristic, and even a little dystopian — a slay, to say the least!

Not that any Telfar collab needs help in the marketing department, as the brand is now a household name — thanks to the pandemic and several pop culture references.

While Telfar’s shopping bags are regularly referred to as the “Bushwick Birkin” — a reference to Hermès Birkin bag — the label has also enjoyed shoutouts from the queen Beyoncé herself. And we can’t forget the emerging NY musician Maiya the Don, who dropped the certified bop “Telfy.”

Now, if you need me, I’ll be shopping for my new Telfeezy — another iconic nickname for the, well, iconic brand — as offered by Moose Knuckles and Telfar.

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