The 10 Biggest Fits of the Week

Justin Theroux in New York, February 2, 2021.MEGA / Getty Images

Justin Theroux

Sure, Theroux’s outfit is great. But we’re really here for Kuma’s vest and booties.

The Weeknd during the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show  in Tampa, February 07, 2021.Patrick Smith / Getty Images

The Weeknd

This is what 250 hours of delicate beadwork will get you.

Bradley Cooper in New York February 5, 2021.Raymond Hall / Getty Images

Bradley Cooper

Absolutely sublime dad-out-for-a-walk energy.

LeBron James arrives for a game in Los Angeles, February 4, 2021.Adam Pantozzi / Getty Images

LeBron James

18 years into an unparalleled career, and LeBron is still at the top of his game. (We are talking about getting dressed, right?)

Bol Bol arrives for a game in Los Angeles Lakers, February 4, 2021.Adam Pantozzi / Getty Images

Bol Bol

Pretty sure that, even in the wild West that is NBA tunnel style, “bringing an enormous Lanvin bag” is a first.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander arrives for a game in Oklahoma City, February 1, 2021.Zach Beeker / Getty Images

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Not every great fit starts with a pair of leather pants—but a shocking number of leather pants-based looks turn into great outfits.

M. Night Shyamalan on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, February 3, 2021.Getty Images / Andrew Lipovsky for NBC

M. Night Shyamalan

Sure, “dad wearing a leather jacket” gets all the attention here. But save some for “dad wearing snazzy checked pants.”

Pete Wentz in Los Angeles, February 03, 2021.Getty Images

Pete Wentz

The Fall Out Boy is on his way to or from the tennis court, but this is honestly a sturdy warm weather just-getting-coffee look, whether or not sports are involved.

Maluma in Miami, February 2, 2021.Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images


Is fringe…back? For one bold day in Miami, you bet it was.

Sebastian Bear-McClard and Emily Ratajkowski in New York, February 06, 2021.Gotham / Getty Images

Sebastian Bear-McClard

Hard to imagine a New Yorkier outfit than blaze-orange sweats and Timbs.

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