The best keto recipes to try if you want to try going low-carb

Ready for the keto diet — perhaps again? Try these yummy recipes:

No flour and no sugar doesn’t quite sound like a recipe to deliciousness. Nevertheless, hear us out: the keto diet can be made delicious. Short for ‘ketogenic,’ the keto diet is an eating practice that focuses on fulfilling one’s caloric consumption primarily using fat and protein whilst reducing carbohydrates to only about 5 to 10 per cent of daily caloric intake. The “clean” version of the diet (as opposed to the “dirty” or “lazy” keto) also discourages processed foods and trans fats and instead places emphasis on naturally high-fat foods like avocados and nuts.

Here, we’ve curated a list of keto recipes for fitness devotees and foodies who want to give the keto diet a try for health reasons or just to switch up the weekly menu.

Mornings aren’t complete without a good, soul-wakening breakfast to get you up and ready for the day. Charming celebrity trainer Thomas DeLauer is here to show how to rock a good keto breakfast using simple yet wholesome ingredients.

Easy snacks to make anytime:

Let’s admit it. Our daily eating is not as exciting without a snacking sesh. Here are five keto snack recipes for when you feel like munching. The cloud bread is definitely the highlight so make sure you give it a go.

Small portions to fill you up:

More substantial keto bites coming right your way. These five recipes are easy to make and they sure will fill you right up. The two-ingredient pasta is definitely a sure win. If you try making nothing else in this article, this pasta recipe should at least be added to your family’s staples because it’s that good and that easy.

Quick & easy dinners:

For those of us who treat dinner like it’s our last meal, this doesn’t mean the food has to be so stuffing that it makes you feel worse right eating. These keto-friendly recipes will keep your mind and tummy pleased with umami-packed flavours.

And finally, deserts you can really enjoy:

Although you can’t have processed sugar, these desserts will make you forget all about that. It’s sweet yet still keto at its best. And for those who are perhaps the only keto eater in the family, these single-serving recipes also come in handy to avoid overindulgence or food waste. To feed the whole family or a big crowd? By all means, double the ingredients according to the numbers of people you’re serving.

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