The challenges facing enterprise hotel groups today with Andy Hermo from Sabre Hospitality Solutions

Andy Hermo from Sabre Hospitality joins me to provide insights into the challenges facing enterprise hotel groups in managing inventory in a period of uncertainty and providing personalisation at scale.

Sabre Hospitality is the leading technology provider for the hospitality industry, serving more than 40,000 hotels, resorts, and chains spanning 160 countries. From independent properties to large global chains, hotel organisations at all levels rely on Sabre Hospitality Solutions to optimizing revenue across all channels while improving the guest experience.

We discuss:

    • How the enterprise space been impacted and the major trends evolving today.
    • The unique challenges large hotel chains are facing particularly relating to management across the enterprise.
    • The different challenges at a property, national and global chain level in implementing enterprise solutions.
    • The keys to success in the implementation of an enterprise solution.
    • With lower staff numbers and demand returning, how hoteliers can continue to provide a personalised service at scale.
    • In the absence of major events and international travel, the unique challenges new revenue streams are this creating in maintaining a personalised guest service.

Any Hermo

Andy Hermo

Vice President & General Manager Enterprise Accounts

Sabre Hospitality

Sabre Hospitality

Matthew Stephens

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