The Coolest and Craziest Looks from the 2021 NBA Draft

It wasn’t so long ago that the phrase “draft suit” conjured a whole bunch of giggles. Remember Jalen Rose’s famous red number? Or LeBron’s many-buttoned monstrosity? But in recent years—and as the NBA became a dominant force in the world of fashion—the draft suit has improved by leaps and bounds. Some of those bounds, as you’ll see, are still excessive. But the NBA Draft remains a must-see style experience. These are the biggest—and wildest, and weirdest—fits from the night.

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    Arturo Holmes

    Jalen Green

    The number two pick rocked a glittery, bellbottomed suit absolutely worthy of number one. We can’t wait to see what he breaks out in the NBA tunnel.

  • Michael J. LeBrecht II

    Cade Cunningham

    The new Detroit Piston broke out his new home city’s favorite Cartier shades.

  • Arturo Holmes

    Scottie Barnes in Dolce & Gabbana

    Turtleneck-in-late-July sighting!

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