The Coolest New Stuff From the Last Week

Every now and then, we take a break from tracking down the best menswear on the web and direct our finely honed shopping acumen elsewhere: to the best non-menswear releases of the last few weeks. From nifty kitchen upgrades to headache-saving tech, this is all the new gear worth your time and hard-earned dollars.

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  • Coop Home Goods Exhale all-season adjustable comforter

    We love Coop’s pillows. They’re literally good for every person because they’re adjustable—just add or remove the filling so that it fits your picky little head. Now Coop is bringing its adjustablity to a comforter. The new Exhale comforter includes a base comforter, the one you’ll use all the time, and two half panels, for adjusting warmth levels throughout the year. Or, if your partner sleeps cold and you sleep hot, you can keep the panel on one side and take it off the other so that this comforter is, well, comfortable for both of you.

  • Our Place egg poacher

    Our Place designed an egg poaching device that’s designed to fit in its popular Always Pan so that you can make poached eggs with ease. The silicone cups house the eggs, creating a water bath for zero-effort, perfectly runny poached eggs that’ll rival those you’d usually order for brunch.

  • Smithey Ironware 7.25-quart Dutch oven

    Smithey makes a damn good cast-iron skillet, one that’s good enough to pass down for generations. It’s already made Dutch ovens, but now it’s super-sizing them with a new 7.25-quart option, perfect for large batch cooking like if you have a huge family. Its polished interior, a signature of Smithey, is nonstick and super easy to clean as if someone slicked the entire thing in a never-ending supply of butter. Get this if you’ve been trying to make a huge braise or want to finally perfect that sourdough bread recipe if you’ve been working at since March 2020.

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