The Home Bar: Tanqueray’s Midnight Negroni by Lorenzo Antinori

A beloved routine — be it bedside Sun Salutations at dawn; a gargantuan mugful of pick-me-up coffee after lunch; or, a time-tested ten-step nighttime skincare routine — are motions akin to ritual. Comforting, repetitive apéritifs to jumpstart a beautiful day. Defiantly, however, the latest from Moët Hennessy Diageo and Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong’s ‘The Home Bar‘ series says ‘Thanks, but no thanks‘ to all overtures of creature comforts. Rather, it’s the new, the idiosyncratic and the outside-the-box that hold this Lorenzo Antinori recipe’s interest. Hold off on the bar tools; the Midnight Negroni calls for your trusty neighbourhood AeroPress instead.

Our host Lorenzo Antinori — Beverage Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Beverage Ambassador of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Asia Pacific and occasional Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong columnist — delivers his professional expertise from beyond the mysterious, moneyed depths of Four Seasons Hong Kong’s Caprice Bar. A bartender’s raison d’être behind every shaken-and-served tipple is the final execution; the presence of perfectly curated flavour — introduced, savoured and, most importantly, shared.

‘The Home Bar’ is a four-part video series of cocktail recipes by Lorenzo Antinori that will transform cheeky imbibers into spirit-slinging novice mixologists from the creature comforts of their own homes. Five-star libations, made approachable with at-home bar tools. Salute, from us to you!

Tanqueray’s Midnight Negroni


The Midnight Negroni is a rebellious tour de force. Eschewing traditional bar tools for a cheeky AeroPress vessel, this recipe by Lorenzo Antinori gestures at Charles Tanqueray’s unwavering spirit of innovation; one that would undoubtedly appreciate the ingenuity of a doubled-up technique producing a cuppa joe at the break of dawn — then, a negroni at witching hour.

A bait-and-switch nightcap served inconspicuously in a saucer-held teacup, the Midnight Negroni is neither Rooibos tea nor cappuccino; instead, it’s a wink and a nod at what could be. A twist-on-a-twist of a cocktail classic, this Tanqueray Nº TEN gin-infused concoction is ideal for a keen at-home afterparty amongst very best friends; the kind that teeters on — with no signs of abatement; no leaves of absences — into the early hours of the day.

Then, with bleary eyes at first light, top off the barrage of teacups and coffee mugs — that, perhaps, still carry remnants of last night’s Midnight Negronis — with steaming AeroPressed-and-portioned brews. It’s a new dawn. A new day. Coffee, then negroni. And repeat.


30ml Tanqueray Nº TEN
30ml Sweet vermouth
30ml Italian bitter liqueur
½ teaspoon Instant coffee powder
½ teaspoon Rooibos tea
 1 teaspoon Water
  Orange peel garnish


Step 1: Pour 30ml of Tanqueray Nº TEN into an empty Aeropress.
Step 2: Follow with the dried ingredients: instant coffee powder and rooibos tea.
Step 3: Top off the Aeropress with sweet vermouth, Italian bitter liqueur and water.
Step 4: Seal the Aeropress onto an empty glass, invert and gently press the plunger downwards.
Step 5: Place a chunk of ice in a tea cup or coffee mug for serving.
Step 6: Remove a strip of peel from an orange; fold and twist the peel over the rim for a spritz of essential oil before adding it as garnish.

Please enjoy responsibly!

The Midnight Negroni (HK$160) is available for order at Four Seasons Hong Kong’s Caprice Bar from 26 April. 6/F, Four Seasons Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 3196 8882

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