Three Fits to Wear All Summer Long

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There are so many aspects to a good summer wardrobe. From staples to luxury highlights, building your seasonal selection can be a daunting task. Where do you begin? What are your priorities? We find that it helps to think about the wardrobe from a different angle. Use a handful of event-specific summer outfits as your starting point, because building it up fit by fit gives you a strong direction. It also helps if you’ve got a retailer like Harvey Nichols on side.

From a casual dinner party to beach-club drinks and evening walks, Highsnobiety market editors have put together three fire summer outfits that cater to function and style. Of course, even though our selections are for specific events, they’re versatile enough to fit the mold for a range of activities, because that’s what makes a world-class summer outfit.

From relaxed sandals by Rick Owens through to a season’s-best shorts & loafers combination from Fear of God and G.H. Bass, catch us rotating these three fits all season.

Casual dinner parties are a trap. Take the ‘casual’ part too literally and you risk bringing the tone down, but overdress and it’ll look like you’ve taken it all way too seriously. During summer, though, opting for short sleeves is a great way to go formal without being too polished. We’ve paired a classic OAMC shirt with Fear of God shorts which boast a bold silhouette to rival the tailored torso. Finish off the fit with a pair of G.H. Bass Weejuns in an eye-catching two-tone palette.

Sure, the beach club is next to the beach, but don’t think that you can just wander in with a sandy T-shirt and damp swimming shorts on. The key to this fit is retaining a beachside feeling without the scruffiness. A clean Lanvin polo shirt sets the tone which is continued more strikingly with a pair of monochrome, floral shorts. Rick Owens’ take on the Birkenstock Arizona sandal is the foundation for this look while luxury detailing comes from an Alexander McQueen bag over the shoulder.

Over lockdown, an evening walk took on new significance. It was our only chance to get out of the house, realize that the world still exists, and, obviously, to show off some new jawns. For a walk in the park, you can afford to be a bit more utilitarian. We’ve selected a zip shirt from Stone Island which features a beautiful garment-dyed turquoise hue, a pair of Rick Owens Cargo pants that stand in contrast to the shirt, and a pair of Balenciaga Track Sneakers to round out the functional-luxury mix.

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