Video – The Cartel on W&W 2021 – Andrew, RJ, Wei and Frank Talk “Batshit Crazy Watches”

If you’re still here it’s that, actually, our talks over Zoom were somehow entertaining… Well, at least we had fun doing them! So we meet again, Andrew (Time+Tide), Robert-Jan (Fratello), Wei (Revolution) and I, and this time the topic was “Batshit Crazy Watches” but… We all had a different interpretation of this, ending up in a very, very weird discussion and more disagreements than agreements, as Wei, the host of the day, tries to get this round. And in advance, sorry Panerai and your e-Steel…!

Just like the days before this third instalment, we all threw in some cool items to be gifted, randomly to anyone who (intelligently) comments on our rant. So do hit the keyboard and let us know your choice in the “Batshit Crazy Watches” (interpretation is up to you) and try to win one of Wei’s famous cigars – negroni-pairing mandatory!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for the last of our videos:

  • Sunday 9th May, 10pm AEDT, 2pm CET, 8am NYC – Robert-Jan Broer of Fratello hosts ‘Future Forward’ – celebrating watches that are doing something genuinely innovative

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