Video – The Cartel on W&W 2021 – Andrew, RJ, Wei and Frank Talk “The Best Watches Under $10k”

What happens when you put 4 watch guys around a table, just after the only large-scale watch fair of the year, and ask them to debrief about the watches they’ve seen…? Basically, a rather entertaining talk, believe me! But with the absence of real-life watch fairs, and no way to meet at a bar, after hours, to discuss the new watches of the fair, Andrew (Time+Tide), Robert-Jan (Fratello), Wei (Revolution) and I met through 2020’s worst invention… Zoom. It could have become a dreary thing, due to the lack of Negronis, but with these guys, it just could not be boring. At least not to us! Now I’m wondering if you can brace yourself and manage to watch the following “first episode” of our Best of Watches & Wonders. 

Today, Andrew starts with the “Under $10k” category. And in the coming days, we’ll broadcast three more episodes with the illustrious titles Dark Horse, Batshit Crazy and Future Forward. So in all seriousness, we listed our selection in these four categories and discussed these, and many other things. All that, despite the crazy time difference where Andrew (Australia) and Wei (Singapore) were ready to call it a weekend, while RJ and I (both in the Netherlands, Europe) just started our second coffee of the day.

To ease the pain for you guys we all threw in some cool items to be gifted, randomly to anyone who (intelligently) comments on our rant. So do hit the keyboard and let us know your choice in the sub 10k category in order to win a Time+Tide DeLuxe Two-Watch Slider Box (gosh what’s in a name).

Make sure to come back for the 3 other videos, as planned below:

  • Friday 7th May, 10pm AEDT, 2pm CET, 8am NYC – Frank Geelen from Monochrome hosts ‘Dark Horse’ – which is the hidden gem award, for the most surprising killer watch
  • Saturday 8th May, 10pm AEDT, 2pm CET, 8am NYC – Wei Koh from Revolution hosts ‘Batshit Crazy’ – and quickly discovers that everyone interprets this in a different way!
  • Sunday 9th May, 10pm AEDT, 2pm CET, 8am NYC – Robert-Jan Broer of Fratello hosts ‘Future Forward’ – celebrating watches that are doing something genuinely innovative

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